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It was very beautiful as I took my morning walk. The sun was rising and I was admiring the beauty of God’s creation amid the crisp, cool morning of the usually very hot and arid days in Fresno.

Approaching my destination, I began to hear the chirping of birds. The closer I got to my home, the chirping became a quartet, then unexpectedly, a choir was organized. The beauty of the moment amazed me!

My joy was overwhelming as I thought about God’s goodness and His creation. I instantly remembered Psalm 118:24, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The birds that day reminded me how much our Heavenly Father cares for us and of the hope He offers through His Son, Jesus.

The beauty and serenity of the moment were broken as I thought about all the things going on in the lives of people I know. We live in a changing world and that change often comes at break-neck speed.

Organizations with which I’m associated are changing their ministry emphases, pastors I know are moving to new locations of service and families I’m acquainted with are moving, not just to another home, but to an entirely new country and culture.

I also thought of others who are living in places where destruction and death surround them, such as Nepal. I thought of Christians in international locations whose houses of worship are bombed and believers killed. And I thought of the senseless act by a young man in South Carolina who sat and listened to the Word being taught and then shot and killed nine people during a Bible study.

My thoughts were immediately brought back to God and His goodness by the choir of chirping feathered friends who were singing the “mighty power of God,” which reminded me of words from that familiar hymn that rang so true in that moment: “While all that borrows life from Thee is ever in Thy care; and everywhere that we can be, Thou, God, art present there.” 

Our God is always present and is our hope in all things both present and future. Thinking about the presence of God in my life and His offer to be the same for others through Jesus, my heart was moved with compassion for our world and all the unrest, strife and difficulty it holds. It often is difficult to think of the pain and suffering taking place in the world, yet my trust is in our unwavering God. Our confidence must continue to be in Him. Others may change, but our commitment should remain steadfast — to proclaim the Good News of Christ to every man, woman, boy and girl in California and throughout the world. 

The Gospel of Jesus must be reflected in love for sinners. I don’t believe it is time to re-strategize or re-evaluate, but time to “re-engage” and “re-energize” so we can share the hope of Christ and bring about spiritual transformation in the lives of those around us.

Last Published: June 27, 2015 12:41 AM