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Daily news about ISIS and terrorism, Ebola, weather conditions - tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters such as flooding and volcano eruptions - have dominated conversations for weeks. Couple those topics with the political, social and economic factors facing the United States and the world, and many of us wonder "what this world is coming to"! However, for younger generations of today, the constant bombardment of this type of news is all they've ever known.

How do we answer these issues that seem to be more difficult to get a handle on than in a simpler society in which many of us grew up? I believe Satan is in the business of attempting to dupe and distract us from God's Word where we find all the answers for our faith and practice. It seems difficult to remain faithful and focused about the reality of God's presence around us. Sometimes it seems as though the small conversations evaporate with the heavy news.

Recently I met a new neighbor, a pediatrician. One of the first things he talked about in our conversation, before knowing who I was or my profession, was the blessings he receives daily from his walk with the Lord. The illustrations he shared remind me of the joy of sharing our struggles and victories with each other.

He told of an encounter with a traumatized patient. He asked if he could pray for her. She consented. The procedure went well and upon seeing her the next day, she told him about praying to God for help. The woman told the physician she believed he was God's answer. She then thanked him for his kindness, which strengthened her faith.

A praying physician, calling on the Lord for a total stranger, is a clear example of being available to share the love of Christ with others. I encourage California Southern Baptists to live their lives as this physician neighbor of mine lives his - expectantly, in the realization that Christ is the One who has cared for us in the past, sustains us for today and provides hope for the future.

Sometimes we discount ourselves and our testimony. Many times we think the Lord cannot use what we say to friends, family or strangers to make a difference. Again, I believe Satan plants those doubts to keep us quiet. But I believe the Lord would have us rely on His Word and impart it as it relates to our lives to those who need to hear - family, friends, coworkers, students, teachers, cashiers, etc.

You never know how much of a blessing your life can be when you answer the call of Christ to be one of the "workers unto His harvest field." The time is right for us to always be on call to share Christ. Let's not wait!


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Last Published: October 24, 2014 12:38 AM