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Perspective - May 2008

Recently I attended the worship service of a new Russian congregation in Fresno. This new work, which began meeting in the conference room at California Baptist Foundation, now is meeting at Sierra Heights Baptist Church with additional space and the possibility of expanding its ministry.

I listened to the guest preacher from Ukraine. The testimonies of God's transforming power were thrilling. One such story recounted a community where hundreds of high school students can study the Bible without any restrictions.

At times I am humbled when hearing stories of God's amazing movement, especially in other nations. On hearing the story I thought about how God is working in America, and particularly in California.

Sometimes we spend too much time looking at the problems and fail to recognize that daily God is transforming lives and blessing many. In many communities where it seems dark, the light of the gospel shines through the lives
of Christians living out their faith.

A pastor recently called to say dark days had descended on his congregation. He shared that a group from the church recently completed a mission trip to Central America during which 1,500 people came to know Christ as Savior. After returning to California, the pastor recounted that it seemed like the host of Satan was released on this congregation. Problems surfaced, division raised its ugly head, gossip flew like birds, false accusations came like arrows, and the church was in turmoil.

As he caught his breath, I reminded him that he shouldn't be surprised of Satan's attack since helping rescue 1,500 souls from spiritual slavery. Satan will not sit back and relax when believers work for God and His Kingdom. I challenged the pastor, who agreed, to focus on sharing Christ with his community, expecting souls to be saved. We ended our conversation with prayer.

After the call, I thought about attacks in my own life and my times of spiritual warfare. I reminded myself that Satan only has dominion in this world. I am confident the Lord is in complete control. For those who may be under such attack, I remind you to stay focused, stay close to the Lord, and remember that He has won the battle for His children.

Last Published: April 29, 2008 6:01 PM