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Missionary Spotlight: Rod Goodmon

COLD SPRINGS – “My focus is about people getting saved. So my responsibility is to keep the great staff here at Jenness Park focused on that goal,” according to camp director Rod Goodmon.

Jenness Park Christian Camp is a 160-acre camp located in the heart of the Mother Lode between Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe is owned and operated by the California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) and has been meeting the spiritual needs of campers for nearly 60 years.

Jenness Park provides everything needed to escape the stresses of life and to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, according to Rod who said the camp’s mission statement focuses on reaching the lost, equipping believers and restoring His servants.

Rod believes all of his business experiences have been “like building blocks for the responsibilities that I have here at Jenness Park. God continues to stretch me, and I am dependent upon Him.”

After graduating from college, Rod was involved in business ventures – selling homes, insurance, involved in the flooring industry and working in the construction arena – all of which helps him successfully operate Jenness Park on a daily basis.

Rod grew up in Bakersfield where his father introduced and encouraged Rod to date and eventually marry his wife, Shelly. They have three children: Seth, 24, married to Courtney, 20, this past year; Kala, 22; and Tamara, 20. The Goodmons have been at Jenness Park since October 2001, and all are involved in the team effort that makes Jenness Park effective for Christ.

A self described introvert, Rod says he enjoys relationships with people and his job at Jenness Park enables him to work with others daily. Rod gets to interact with people at the camp throughout the year, if not with his staff, with campers.

Each summer the camp is packed with teenagers attending Centrifuge, a camping experience especially designed for youth. However, throughout the year, the camp hosts numerous other sponsored events as well as groups.

Even though camps are held at Jenness Park throughout the year, Rod says the goal is to expand the camp for larger groups, especially to be hosted in the winter months.

“I love to hear from people who’ve been here in the past,” Rod continued, “especially when they come and haven’t been here for 10 or 20 years to experience the camp improvements. We are praying for God’s wisdom and direction as we plan future expansion.”

Rod sees himself as an encourager and to help keep the staff moving forward to reach more people for Christ through the camping experience.

“My job is to help the staff wherever they need help—whether through training, coaching or listening. We play that out by keeping the buildings maintained, putting out delicious food, and having the rooms prepared. I see my role as a service role.”

Currently the camp is involved in a road campaign to improve and expand the existing dirt road. The “Yard Work” campaign consists of collecting donations by the yard. For every $150 collected,one yard of road, 20 feet wide is paved. Churches, as well as youth groups and individuals have been excited and participating in raising and donating money for this project. It is a tangible project that impacts all that attend Jenness Park.

In October 2006, fire destroyed the White Oak building at the camp and we are excited to say that it has been rebuilt, furnished and ready for use by adult meetings, family retreats and individuals!

Rod said one the great benefits of Jenness Park is the ability to provide discounted housing for full or part-time pastors, their families, and seminary students who need a spiritual retreat. “When pastors are revitalized, the local church benefits,” Rod said.

Rod believes Jenness Park is a valuable partner with CSBC churches in reaching people for Christ and developing believers.

Rod’s message to California Southern Baptists:
“California Southern Baptists have a jewel in Jenness Park, and God has been using your camp to touch people’s lives for nearly 60 years. Between 300 and 700 people accept Christ here at Jenness each year. The sound of the camp bell peals out over the meadow and echoes off the mountains each time a soul is saved. God wants that to continue. As the camp expands, we will be able to reach more people for Christ, which is our focus. We are here to support the local church.”

Prayer requests for Jenness Park and Rod’s ministry:

  • Pray for Rod as he seeks God’s will and wisdom for the expansion of Jenness Park.
  •  Pray for the Goodmon family, staff members, and volunteers as they minister to Jenness Park’s visitors and campers.
  •  Pray that more pastors will learn about Jenness Park and its vision to restore His servants.
  •  Pray for Bill Parson (bill@jennesspark.com) as he coordinates the camp’s volunteer effort. Jenness Park needs a healthy supply of volunteers each year.
  • Pray for funds to develop and repave the road to camp so we can continue to grow and construct new buildings.
  •  Pray that God will show you how you can support Jenness Park: consistent prayer, financial support, or volunteer time.

Praising God:

  • Praise God for the salvation of 305 individuals at Jenness Park from January through December 2011.
  •  Praise God for the volunteers and funds to be able to complete White Oak Lodge.
  •  Praise God for California Southern Baptists who generously give to the Cooperative Program for the continuation of California’s camping and mission opportunities.

Did you know?
Jenness Park is 26 miles east of Sonora on Highway 108 in Tuolumne County. The county boasts of serene mountain lakes, roaring rivers, tall trees, and peaceful meadows.

It is a place where you can ride a steam train, pan for gold, fish for trout, ski a mountain, or picnic beside a gentle stream. You can enjoy all of this while experiencing spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal at Jenness. For more information about camping opportunities at Jenness Park, visit www.jennesspark.com.

Rod’s contact information:
Rod Goodmon, Camp Director
Jenness Park Christian Camp
29005 Highway 108
Cold Springs, CA 95335
800.258.7554; 209.965.3735

Last Published: June 25, 2012 1:32 PM