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Holly Smith 2014
Missionary Spotlight: Holly Smith

Having just celebrated her 25th anniversary with the Convention, Holly is grateful to have a job that is combined with ministry, and that is suited to her gifts and talents.

She actually has been around the Convention much longer than 25 years, having worked for three years in the CSBC word processing office, with a break in between, and having been around the Baptist Building since she was two, as her mother served with the Sunday school department and Annuity Board (now GuideStone Financial Resources).

“God is so good to have allowed me to grow up in this great environment. I am thankful every day for the opportunities He’s provided.”

Holly’s prayer requests:

  • That God will continue to provide news and stories for publication that will encourage and uplift California Southern Baptists.
  • That He will continue to guide her decision-making for the paper.
  • For generous giving to the California Mission Offering and Cooperative Program.

Holly’s praises:

  • Praise God for His great faithfulness.
  • Praise God for His daily presence as we serve Him in the Convention.

Did you know?

The California Southern Baptist is published monthly as a Cooperative Program ministry of California Southern Baptist Convention. The CSB presents God at work around the state and throughout the world.

A digital edition of the monthly newspaper is available for just $5 per year; the print piece is still $9.50 for a year. Group subscriptions are 66 cents per address per month for the print edition; cost for the E-dition is on a sliding scale based on worship attendance.

Visit www.csbc.com/csb to subscribe, or for more information.

Holly’s contact information
Managing Editor, The CSB
678 E. Shaw Avenue
Fresno CA 93710-7704
E-mail Holly Smith   

Last Published: February 2, 2016 1:27 PM