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California Southern Baptist Archive 2008

January 2008
52.7 Adventure provides opportunities to experience God's creation
CA Baptists mobilize in battle against "gay marriage"
Being the Church, taking faith to the streets of San Diego
Long-time Southern Baptists plan to give beyond their lifetime

February 2008
Teens challenged to live bigger than themselves
Rose Parade watchers hear the gospel
San Diego church planters answer the call
California Missions giving up, Cooperative Program down in 2007

March 2008
On Target makes a comeback
CSBC starts eight churches on same day
Pastors share four church growth models
L.A. Association churches bring Christmas to prison youth
Statewide and nationally, fewer pastor/staff terminations reported

April 2008
Church planter sees God's hand
Children bring "gentle spirit" to ministry
Cloudbreak in San Diego experiences God's cloud break

May 2008
Confraternidad celebrates 60th year of ministry
Confreternidad celebra 60 anos en el ministerio
Volunteers help prepare camp
Ministry Resource Center to be remodeled

June 2008
Dinner theatre, thrift store just a few of Main place's ministries
E-Board meeting includes Vision Tour of San Diego ministries

July 2008
Deluge doesn't dampen Indy Crossover spirit
Wives encouraged as Instruments of the Master
Investment wisdom in tough financial times
Men's corps sites certified
CMO helps offer hope for darkness

August 2008
Sports camps invigorate churches in San Diego
Mission offering promotion features original film
Jenness Park's eight days of camp result in 88 new believers
Iorg: GGBTS West's outpost

September 2008
Saddleback Church hosts "Civil Forum"
Volunteer "just keeps coming back"
Crossover San Diego/Tijuana: DOM issues Macedonian call
PowerPlants bring energy to California, Arizona

October 2008
Migrant effort sows and reaps blessings
Olympics provide ministry for Californians
E-board endorses resolution, recommends 2009 budget
Resolution endorsing proposition 8
Mission offering video leads man into life in Christ
Students share Christ with largely unchurched San Diego
Singers entertain, share Christ on tour

November 2008
God's power brings restoration
Restauración en El Señor
Disaster Relief workers prepare some 500K meals
ConPaz: a ministry of restoration
ConPaz: un ministerio de restauración

December 2008
Celebrating the King in El Cajon
Speakers encourage pastors to endure
California women encouraged to pursue calling, change the world
Missions Trivia Night asks tough questions, teaches important lessons

Last Published: February 3, 2009 7:51 PM