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Missionary Spotlight: Daryl Watts

FRESNO –“Twenty-two years is a long time to serve in one ministry, but I have been amazed to see the changes and growth in the ministries of California Southern Baptist Convention. I believe we are more capable than ever to assist churches to reach people and develop disciples than ever before. While I am still passionate about developing the next generation of leaders (which was the original reason I was hired), I am excited for the opportunity to help pastors and churches become healthier and grow in their impact in their communities.”

Daryl is student and family specialist and church health consultant with the California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) Healthy Church Group. His responsibilities include conducting comprehensive consultations with individual churches to improve church health as well as to overcome specific ministry-related issues.

He assists churches in developing and improving ministry to junior high, senior high and college-age students and with marriage and parenting ministries. Daryl has the oversight of the Ignition Student Conference (formerly “Tsunami”), True Love Waits, the Ministers’ Marriage Retreat, and the Healthy Church smart phone app.

“I feel so blessed to be doing what I am doing,” Daryl said. “I work at a job where I get to impact 2,000 churches and potentially 38 million people.”

A native of Georgia, Daryl’s family moved around the country while he was growing up. He became a Christian when he was six and felt God’s call to ministry while a junior high school student.

“Fortunately,” Daryl related, “I had a very wise pastor who sat me down and began talking with me about the variety of ways God works with people in the ministry. That opened the door for the wide variety of ministry experience I have had.”

While attending Baylor University in Waco, TX, Daryl found he had a knack for working with students; however, he was still interested in pastoring, urban ministry and church planting. To prepare for ministry, Daryl enrolled at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley; while there he developed a serious ministry to teenagers.

“When I did revivals, teenagers would come out of the woodwork to hear me,” Daryl said. “It might have something to do with the fact that I worked with secular jobs as a disc jockey, lifeguard, and did gospel magic on the side. Those things may have helped in drawing out teenagers, but they also led me into working with the Centrifuge camps including the first Centrifuge camp in California.”

Daryl has served California Southern Baptists since October 1991. Prior to working for CSBC, Daryl spent three years as a US/2 missionary working with students in San Francisco. He worked bivocationally for San Francisco-Peninsula Southern Baptist Association for three years as the second man on staff before being called to Korean Baptist Church in San Jose as its English pastor.

Daryl’s wife, Teresa, is worship minister at the church the family attends, Woodward Park Baptist in Fresno. Their son, Ryan, is on faculty with Kaplan and their daughter. Rachel, is in the Disney College program at Walt Disney World.

“My family is the joy of my life, definitely. Besides being a Christian, I’m actually crazy about my kids and my wife.”

Daryl holds a bachelor of arts degree from Baylor and a master of divinity degree from Golden Gate.

Daryl’s message to California Southern Baptists
“The world watches California, and as California goes so goes the nation. We have a chance to change the nation through California. As Southern Baptists, we have more resources, more strategies and more opportunities to impact the Kingdom than any other organization. We need to do all we can to live like it and to work like it.”

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that CSBC churches will intentionally develop relevant ways to impact California’s 5.5 million high school and college-age young people for Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that God will give Daryl and Teresa wisdom and direction as they lead their children and minister to those with whom they come in contact.
  • Pray that Daryl and Teresa’s children will be used of God in their own unique ways to love Him, to serve Him, and to serve others.

Daryl’s praises:

  • Praise God for my family and for how He is using my children to impact the Kingdom.
  • Praise God for allowing me to work with CSBC churches as they seek to develop healthy congregations.
  • Praise God for allowing me to minister to California’s students.

Did you know:
The CSBC Student Conference (formerly known as "Tsunami" and now known as "Ignition"), is an annual event sponsored by California Southern Baptist Convention. The three-day, high-energy conference for students ages 12-18 is open to CSBC churches, churches outside California and churches not affiliated with CSBC. The conference's main sessions and small-group seminars combine worship, concerts and exceptional youth communicators to help teenagers focus on spiritual issues. The conference provides the students with opportunities for involvement in ministry projects, choirs, testimonies and interaction with staff, leaders and other students.  

Plans for Ignition 2015 are underway for December 28-30 at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Contact information:
Daryl J. Watts
678 E. Shaw Avenue
Fresno CA 93710
E-mail Daryl                                   


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Last Published: June 10, 2015 2:17 PM