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Perspective - December 2009

Walls and weather. I've been running up against these two things a lot in recent days.

The walls I'm referring to are those which separate us. Walls of social standing, economics, politics, religion and the like prevent interaction among people. Some of these walls are man-made; we build walls to keep people from intruding on our space. We have all kinds of walls, but over time, some give way.

A section of fence separating my neighbor's property from mine collapsed. The conversation between us was about whose responsibility it was to repair. We decided the cost would be split between us. As a result, our relationship became deeper and we grew closer. I always have attempted to remove walls which hinder a deeper relationship with others, especially those in God's family.

The weather is another issue I am currently having to deal with. Fall has arrived and the meteorologists have not perfected their forecasts. They say tomorrow will be sunny, yet when I look out the window it is cloudy, cold and raining. It is difficult to predict the weather, and since I have no skill-set to do so, I don't even try.

Predicting life events can be discouraging as well. The meteorologist has tools to help him predict the weather. Those tools are not always accurate. However, the tool I use to weather life is God's Word - the Bible. Hebrews 4:12 reveals God's Word to be "living and active" while James 1:22 admonishes us to not merely listen to the Word, but to "do what it says."

I take to heart every day the writing of Solomon who said  in Proverbs 30:5 that every Word of God is flawless and He is a shield for those who take refuge in Him. And I use His Word as a guide because His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path (Psalm 119:105).

Those scriptures are a few reasons to stand firm on God's Word, which is useful for teaching, correcting and training in righteousness so we may be equipped for every good work, according to II Timothy 3:16.

As we enter into the final weeks of 2009, my prayer is for all California Southern Baptists to become better students of His Word so we might break down the walls that separate, and forecast a bright and hopeful future for those who come to know His saving grace.

Last Published: December 1, 2009 4:32 PM