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Perspective - February 2010

At a recent event I observed one of your California Southern Baptist Convention staff members intentionally connect with an individual and begin to share the Gospel of Christ.

Dr. Rene Pereira, pastor of Iglesia Bautista Glenview in Ponce, Puerto Rico for 35 years, shared with me a simple evangelistic process he has used for many years that has been effective in growing his congregation.

The Puerto Rico church is one of the most evangelistically focused I have seen, with three Sunday morning services attended by about 1,500 weekly. A recent visit with my friend was very encouraging.

As a professor of biology, God called Pereira to start a church. Today he has been at the forefront of evangelistic outreach. It was exciting to hear him share what has been on my heart for a long time - sharing Jesus daily.

Every day, every believer has doors of opportunity open to share Christ. Jesus is the best example of all. In scripture we find Jesus taking advantage of every opportunity to invite others to follow God. I believe if we pray for direction, God will open doors of opportunity for us to share the saving message of Jesus Christ.

I find many doors of opportunity daily; however, the challenge is to be in sync with the Holy Spirit, to recognize the opportunity and respond. I have seen the excitement in the lives of many when sinners are converted. It is my responsibility to tell the Good News, and God's mercy and grace to change hearts.

At times fear and uncertainty raise their heads and I back away from witnessing about Christ. When other agendas get in the way, I sometimes place witnessing on the back burner. I believe many of our churches can experience great growth and joy when we intentionally continue to share Christ.

Our world is caught up in the technology of the day and social networking to engage individuals. This mentality of connecting with one another is a great opportunity for witnessing that could transform our society.

The lost are our mission field. Every believer needs to be intentionally committed to the task of witnessing for Christ. Let me encourage you to pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He might use you in bringing others to know Jesus.

Last Published: January 26, 2010 6:24 PM