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Perspective - November 2011

During the night Paul had a vision of a man standing and begging him, "Come over to Macedonia and help us" (Acts 16:9).

God has sent us a vision for California - 33 million unchurched Californians!
Our unchurched population is equal to the total population of 10 Western states and is larger than the population of 85 percent of the countries and territories in the world.

California Southern Baptists have been carrying out the Great Commission in the Golden State because not only have we been concerned about a particular group of people, but we also are passionately focused on the many language and culture groups. "Macedonians" are begging us to come over and help them find peace with God.

The theme of our recent California Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting was "Together: Making Disciples of every ethne." California Southern Baptists are not about selective church planting and/or evangelism, but instead seek "every ethneÇ" as souls He loves and wants to call to Himself.

The call to Macedonia is an individual as well as collective call. In our daily walk, we meet individuals who need to know that Jesus Christ is the only answer to their quest for peace. By taking our Acts 1:8 challenge seriously, California Southern Baptists can influence the challenges in our Jerusalem. The call to reach the lost is serious for all Christians to spread the Good News of Christ.

Events in life have a way of distracting many of us from carrying out our primary assignment of witnessing to those with whom we come in contact. Many times I see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ playing the "blame game" for dysfunctional situations, when God's Word clearly outlines that we do battle with a spiritual enemy who specializes in disruption, deception and discouragement.

Let us join hands to move forward in sharing Christ and seeing the world transformed by His love and power. Each of us can do that because we are a family united in love for the glory of God.

Last Published: November 2, 2011 12:36 PM