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Perspective - August 2012

Christians are called to proclaim Jesus. All over the world Christians use creative ways of telling others about the Savior. One method California Southern Baptists are using to tell others about Jesus is the Evangelistic Block Party Trailer. The trailers are fully equipped to provide a festive atmosphere at any location using items such as popcorn and snow-cone machines and a bounce house for children.

Many churches are using the units successfully to reach the lost in their communities. Randy McWhorter, your CSBC evangelism director, shared that gifts from the California Mission Offering have supplied 15 Block Party Trailers for use in 16 associations. This means more than 50 percent of associations have access to one of these event trailers. However, Randy also shared that the goal is to provide a trailer for each of our 30 associations.

Word has spread to other countries of the potential to impact their communities using this tool. Recently your state convention provided a block party trailer to West Coast Baptist Association in Vancouver, Canada as part of the North American Mission Board's urban church planting emphasis known as "Send: North America." And CSBC has plans to help Baptists in the Republic of Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

An Evangelistic Block Party certainly is an exciting way to share Christ. However, Christians many times find it difficult to share their faith. Fear often keeps us from telling the Good News of Christ. We fear not knowing how to answer questions as well as the fear of rejection and/or ridicule. But take heart. We are not the first generation of Christians with these feelings. Other generations have suffered ridicule, persecution and even death for sharing Christ.

My goal as a pastor was to help my church members integrate their faith in everyday conversations. That is my prayer for California Southern Baptists. The Body of Christ needs to be active in sharing our faith. Many times, we make it more difficult than it is.

I have recently read Bill Hybels book, "Just Walk Across the Room: Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith." As the book illustrates, evangelism can start with a short walk across a room. Often we travel thousands of miles across the world to share Christ. I encourage California Southern Baptists to walk across the room to share Christ daily with those we encounter.

Last Published: July 31, 2012 12:32 AM