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Stewardship Financial Webinars (2013)

Rod Wiltrout has traveled throughout California for 14 years ministering to various church requests for training in stewardship. Almost with out fail, at the end of every presentation, Rod hears, “Boy, I wish (a specific person) had been here.” Another response is, “Could you come back and do this again? I’ll get everyone here!” A third response is, “I cannot get through (name your town) traffic to get to your seminar.”

These statements led him to believe that he needed to come up with a better way to disseminate stewardship information. In March 2009, God's Way Stewardship Webinars were started to communicate with CSBC congregations. The online seminars are scheduled twice monthly – the first and third Thursdays – at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The Webinars cover a wide variety of topics to help congregations and their leaders with financial issues.

The previous Webinar sessions have been recorded and can be found on the CSBC financial matters page. If you are interested in viewing previous Webinars or future Webinars, you might want to bookmark the CSBC financial matters page for easy access

2013 Dates:
January 3: Stewardship in Today's Church
January 17: Missions Discipleship: Essentials for Your Church
February 7: Health Care Reform 2013
February 21: Touch the World Through Missions!
March 7: Financial Issues for New Church Starts
March 21: The Urgency of Church Planting to Reach Our World
April 4: Developing Biblical Stewards in the New Church
April 18: Human Resources Ministry
May 2: 10 Basics of Investing
May 16: Why You Must Have a Will
June 6: Financial Software for Churches
June 20: Insurance for Church Staff
July 11: Types of Personal Financial Software
July 25: Communicating Stewardship from the Pulpit
August 15: Ignite a New Fire in Your Youth Group
September 5: Washington Update: Governmental Issues that Affect the Local Church
September 19: Government Documents for Every Church Webinar
October 3: Health Care Reform 2014
October 17: Growing Our Children as Stewards
November 21: Year End Tax Issues

Click here to view previously recorded God's Way Stewardship Webinars.

Here’s what a few Webinar attendees have said: 

  • Cindy wrote, “I have really been enjoying the Webinar's you are providing. The topics are relative and helpful. It is great to be utilizing technology to the fullest.”
  • Mike wrote, “I think you might be on to something here with these Webinars. I am hopeful that this is something you deem successful and that you will post the recordings online so they may be viewed on demand after the fact.”
  • Bryan said, “Very helpful information. I will be contacting you about a seminar for our church” 

For more information contact: 

Rod Wiltrout
Stewardship Specialist
559.229.9533 x. 258
E-mail Rod Wiltrout
Last Published: January 28, 2014 12:32 AM