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Perspective - October 2012

The changing of the weather is an indication that fall is fast approaching. Driving across California I continue to be awestruck by the beauty of God's creation - the golden hills, majestic mountains, beautiful valleys and wonderful forests, and the coastline which is ever-changing from north to south.

As I think of the changing seasons - fall winter, spring and summer - I also often think of the unchanging power and love of God to transform lives. If we were to open our Bibles to Genesis chapter one, we learn from the beginning that the Bible is about God. It is about God revealing His attributes and characteristics as well as His great love, forgiveness and grace for His crowning creation - humanity.

Our state continues to change socially, economically, politically, but God's love for the lost is never-changing and is a powerful reminder of our responsibility to tell them about Jesus. I find it difficult to evade my assignment as a Christian to share the love of God through Jesus Christ.

There are many conversations taking place regarding the future of ministry in California. Some see dark clouds approaching while others see stormy weather. Strange as it might seem, I see God's glorious power at play to continue transforming lives.

During a recent speaking engagement, I was thrilled when during the invitation the pastor asked the congregation how many were praying for someone to be saved. I was astonished and my heart overflowed with joy when more than 75 percent of the congregation raised their hands saying they were committed to pray for the salvation of their friends, families, co- workers, etc.

Daily, weekly, monthly, we can tell someone about Jesus and how He has transformed our lives. Politics, discouragement, change, opinion must not keep us from the task of sharing Christ with every man, woman, boy and girl in California. I am energized by the responses I receive when sharing Christ. It makes me want to continue telling the greatest and most wonderful story ever imagined.

As we enter fall and look toward Christmas when we celebrate the greatest gift ever given, let us recommit ourselves to sharing Christ and celebrating with joy the results of salvation.

Last Published: September 27, 2012 12:52 AM