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Missions Educating

Missions educating is learning and doing in Jesus name. It is learning about missionaries of the past and present. Through missions education Christians become followers of His power in words and in deeds. Through education, believers learn their purpose as a follower of Christ, or how they are “bent”.  Through continued to study about missionaries and missions, Christians are preparing for the work of the Father through His church into the mission field.

Acts 7:22 (NASB), Hebrews 5:13-14 (NASB), Proverbs 22:6 (NASB), Matthew 28:19-20 (NASB), Acts 1:8 (NASB) 

Resources for Missions Discipleship

Do you have a passion for those who need to know the heart of God? Does your church want to reach your community, our state, our nation and the world with the hope and message of the gospel? Instill the Missions DNA into your church! Attend the Missions Discipleship Training Conference - equipping workshops for all age-levels. Check back soon for listing of upcoming  Missions Discipleship Training Conferences for 2013.

To inquire about hosting a Missions Discipleship Training Conference in your association contact: Eva De La Rosa, SENT Specialist Women’s Ministries & Missions at 559.229.9533, ext. 256 or by e-mail.

Missions Discipleship 5 Essentials

Certification Training for Christian Men & Women Job Corps
Christian Women’s Job Corps® and Christian Men's Job Corps® seek to equip women and men, in a Christian context, for life and employment; and a missions context in which women help women and men help men. Through more than 200 registered and certified CWJC®/CMJCSM sites across the nation, thousands of women and men each year gain self-confidence, purpose, direction, and hope for their future.

Click here to view an introductory video about CWJC/CMJC.

Click here to find out about training to develop and lead a Christian Men or Women’s Job Corps.

FasTrak Leadership Development
FasTrak is a leadership certificate emphasis for any woman who wants to be a more effective leaders by developing skills in communication, group building, delegation, conflict resolution, and other areas. FasTrak seminars are held through out the year at various locations. Click here for catalog of workshop titles and descriptions. Click here for currently scheduled  FasTrak seminars.

Resources for Women's Ministries
Visit the Lifeway Women Live online section of LifeWay Resources to view free webcasts in a variety of categories of interest to women's ministry leaders and groups in topics ranging from Lessons on Leadership for Women to Top Ten for the Generations to Ways to Involve your Women’s Ministry Group in Missions and more. LifeWay Women Live now airs every Mondays at 7:00 PM CST, Wednesdays at 10:00 AM and Thursdays at 4:00 PM CST.

Resources for Adult Mission Discipleship
Discover which type of Women on Mission small group is the best fit for your church, find leadership resources to equip you in educating adults to live a missions lifestyle.
Women’s Groups
Women's groups are for women who want to grow in their faith and actively share the love of Christ in their community and around the world. Visit the small groups and women on missions pages for more information at www.wmu.com.
Women on Mission
Coed Adult Groups
Click here to learn how men and women, together, can develop a missional lifestyle.
Resources for Collegiate/Young Women’s Missions Discipleship
myMISSION is the WMU missions organization for young adult women. Learn more at www.mymissionfulfilled.com.

Student missions discipleship is for studnets ages 12-17 or in grades 7-12 and offers students in your church opportunities to grow in their relationship wtih God and their peers and helps students learn they can be a part of God's work in the world.

Challengers is the WMU student missions organization for boys in grades 7-12. Click here to learn more about the Challengers program.



G3 & Acteens
G3 is the new theme for Acteens, the WMU student missions organization for girls in grades 7-12. Click here to learn more about the G3 program.



In The Mag, teenage girls will find content created just for them: devotions, feature articles, activities, stories about mission and missionaries from around the world and more. Click here for more information about The Mag.



Youth on Mission
Click here to learn more about Youth on Mission, the WMU program for coed students ages 12-17.


Youth on Mission

Discover the basics available to begin and lead children, grades 1-6, to learn about missions.

Resources for Teaching Boys
Royal Ambassadors is a missions discipleship organization for boys. Click here to learn more about Royal Ambassadors.
Royal Ambassadors

Resources for Teaching Girls
Girls in Action (GA) is a missions discipleship organization for girls. Click here to learn more about Girls in Action.

Girls in Action
Resources for Teaching Co-ed Children
Children in Action is a missions discipleship organization for boys and girls in grades 1-6. Click here to learn more about Children in Action.
Children in Action

How young can a child be and still learn Christian misions concepts? From babies to kindergartners, Mission friends provides the building blocks of faith and a basic awareness of God's love for all people.


Connect on Pinterest
Learning to live a missional lifestyle begins early in childhood. Visit the WMU Pinterest page to learn more about teaching your preschooler about missions.



La Unión Femenil Misionera es la expresión hispana de Woman's Missionary Union. Se forma de un grupo de organizaciones, unas avenidas de participación misionera y actividades intergeneracionales. Estas tres partes proveen oportunidades por las cuales todas las personas de toda edad se pueden involucrar en la obra misionera para el Reino de Dios.  La UFM también ofrece recursos en español para usar en la iglesia. Se encuentran en la tienda "en línea" de Woman's Missionary Union.

Para Lideres:
Se encuentran aquí ayudas para . . .
El desarrollo de líderes


Para líderes de Amiguitos Misioneros
Aquí se encuentra el artículo mensual para líderes de Amiguitos Misioneros (Mission Friends). Actualizado cada mes, se basa en el currículo de Missions Friend Leader, la revista para líderes de preescolares. Puede usarse con esa revista, Mission Friends Leader Picture Set y Mission Friends Leader Kit, o sin ellos.
Mission Friends

Los materiales para líderes de Niñas en Acción
Se encuentra aquí el artículo mensual para líderes de Niñas en Acción (Girls in Action o GA). Actualizado cada mes, se basa en el currículo de GA Leader, la revista para líderes de GA. Puede usarse con la revista GA Leader y GA Leader Kit o sin ellos. Se recomienda que cada niña reciba su propia ejemplar de GA World, la revista para miembros.


Los materiales para Lideres de Embajadores del Rey
Se encuentra aquí el artículo mensual para líderes de Embajadores del Rey (Royal Ambassadors o RA). Actualizado cada mes, se basa en el currículo de RA Leader, la revista para líderes de RA. Puede usarse con la revista RA Leader y RA Leader Kit o sin ellos. Se recomienda que cada niño reciba su propia ejemplar de RA World, la revista para miembros.


Los materiales para líderes de Adolescentes en Acción
Se pueden usar con las revistas The Mag y Acteens Leader o sin ellas.


Los materiales para líderes de Mujeres en Acción
Nuestra Tarea es el primer recurso para las mujeres que quieren realizar una vida misionera! Incluye artículos sobre la obra misionera y ¡mucho más!


Contact Eva De La Rosa about the new start offer for six months of free materials for new Women on Missions, Acteen, Challenger, Children in Action, Royal Ambassadors, Girls in Action and Mission Friends groups.

Missions Mosaic
A monthly missions magazine is a must have for women who desire to live a missional lifestyle. Missions Mosaic speaks directly to four central areas of a woman’s life—community, life, world, and heart and soul; includes missionary stories, Bible studies, women’s issues, missions project ideas, tips on how to minister and witness, spiritual development, and a devotional guide with a daily prayer calendar.  Click here to preview Missions Mosaic magazine.

Mission Plan Book
Twelve months that men and women can change lives!
Invite adults in your church to see your community with fresh eyes—eyes that focus on the needs all around them. This book can help you rally your people and their abilities to meet the challenge before them.

myMissionfulfilled – Missional Bible Studies
Explore missional Bible studies that combine the study of Scripture, community growth, and missions projects. 

The Mag
The Mag features devotions, feature articles, activities, stories about missions and missionaries from around the world, and much, much more. Everything in The Mag is designed to help teen girls grow spiritually and better understand their role in God's plan for the world.

Acteens Leader - Each month of Acteens curriculum includes a Bible study lesson, a spiritual development lesson, a cultural lesson (focusing on a specific missionary), and a hands-on missions experience. Mission stories, articles, and activities for use in Acteens group meetings are found in The Mag (the bimonthly magazine for Acteens).

Challengers Leader Plan Book
Bible Studies, Learning Activities, Spiritual Growth, and Hands-on Projects with a Missions Emphasis. Designed for Challengers leaders, this book provides 12 months of easy-to-use, dated weekly lesson plans to lead the Challengers organization for young men. The plan book includes missions Bible studies, learning activities, missions activities, cultural activities, and missionary ministries.

Youth on Missions Plan Book
Ayear's worth of missions materials in one convenient resource. Designed for the Youth on Mission leader or church student minister, this book provides easy-to-use, weekly lesson plans; missions education is a key component in any comprehensive student ministry program, the Youth on Mission plan book is the ideal resource for the coed missions. 

Children’s Missions Resources/Materials
On-line, downloadable and print materials available for leading children’s, grades 1-6 missions education.

Preschool  Missions Resources/Materials – Follow Molly, and learn more about what church missions teams do on missions trips through Molly's Adventures in Missions. In Molly Meets the Missionaries, preschoolers meet Molly’s friend, missionary kid Mikey, and will learn they can be like missionaries as they give, pray, do, and tell others about Jesus.

Missions Friends Leader - session plans and weekly activities in interest areas such as music, art, blocks, nature, and home living.



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