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Perspective - June 2013

Distractions, detours, pressures and the agendas of others often take us away from fulfilling our task.

The noise around us, accidents on the highway, attitudes of others tend to fill our lives and drown out our voices.

Each of us has an assignment from God. Some are called to be pastors, evangelists, teachers, encouragers, etc. I believe our ministry should lead to the transformation of lives for good.

Energy spent on these distractions hinders the achievement of the final objective — changed lives by the power of God.

The mission statement of our Convention is to serve our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill The Great Commandment and The Great Commission. Everything we do should result in fulfilling His ultimate commandment and commission. I believe this is true not only for California Southern Baptist Convention, but for us as Christians living and working daily in communities throughout our state.

As a Convention, we have organized ourselves in a way to help churches in fulfilling our mission of evangelism, ministry and discipleship.

The healthy church group keeps us focused on the "main thing" — evangelism. Keeping evangelism a high priority among our churches is an important task and goal. We do this in various ways such as conferencing and Evangelistic Block Party Trailers for churches through association ministries.

It is through this group that we see the Great Commandment supported in such a marvelous way in our state demonstrated by migrant, resort and church and community ministries. Hunger funds also are part of this ministry. Even in California, one of the top agricultural producing states in nation, there are people who go hungry each day.

The church starting group employs church planter catalysts who work to encourage churches and associations to start new congregations to reach the 33 million in our state who don't know Jesus. The Southern Baptist "church to population" ratio is about 1 for every 7,000, but in California, that ratio is about 1 for every 19,000. By planting more churches, more Californians will have the opportunity of hearing the gospel message.

The missions discipleship group is about helping churches grow their members in the areas of  financial stewardship, missions involvement and women's and men's ministries. The goal of this group is to help churches disciple their members to be ready and available to be "sent" when the Father calls.

Disaster Relief is administered through this group and is another "Great Commandment ministry" in which California Southern Baptists are heavily invested.

Let's stay focused on evangelism, church starting and missions discipleship so we can fulfill our assignment of sharing the gospel with every man, woman, boy and girl in California so they can respond to the gospel and find a church where they can grow and become messengers of Christ.
Last Published: June 4, 2013 12:55 AM