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Sarah’s Story
By Kallie, a USC/2 (collegiate) missionary serving unreached people groups in California

Sarah has recently moved to the United States as a refugee. Her birthplace, Iraq, has been devastated by war for the past several years. She has lived many places in the Middle East and North Africa and was very happy to move to the US. However, in spite of her excitement to begin life in a new place, she is hurting and very lonely.

Her entire family lives in Iraq and she is essentially alone in a new place, looking for work and a safe place to live. On top of everything, her fiancé left her one year ago and moved to California. She has not had any contact with him since arriving except to let him know she is in California too.

While she has some friends she has made through her local Mosque, she is still seeking friendship and community here in this new and strange place. Pray for Sarah to make friends that will lead her to hope and peace in Christ. Pray that she would not rely on her fiancé or other men to fulfill her and validate her, but that she would find fullness in Christ.

If you would like to partner with CSBC’s church planting catalysts in reaching Muslims and unreached people groups in California, please contact us at 559.229.9533, x. 263 or csg@csbc.com.

Thank you for your generous contributions to the Cooperative Program and California Mission Offering which make possible ministry among Muslims and unreached people groups throughout the Golden State!

Last Published: July 10, 2013 6:18 PM