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Planting Churches in the 21st Century Webinar (2014)
Linda Bergquist, CSBC Church Planting Catalyst, will host two webinars about church planting. The first webinar (10:00 a.m.) will discuss church planting:
  • Why all the fuss about church planting?
  • It sounds too complicated, doesn't it?
  • How do I know I'm not leading our church into a giant abyss?

Click here to view the recorded webinar (original date: 6/5/2014).
Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation for this webinar.

The second webinar (7:00 p.m.) for church planters will discuss where to plant a church:

  • What if the horizon seems foggy or overwhelming?
  • What if you have never planted before?
  • Do you have some idea in mind that may even sound different than what  you have read in books or learned in a classroom?

Click here to view the recorded webinar about where to plant a church (original date: 6/5/2014).

For more information contact:

Rod Wiltrout
Church Finance Specialist
GuideStone Representative
559.229.9533, x.258
E-mail Rod Wiltrout

Last Published: June 6, 2014 12:34 AM