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Perspective - May 2006

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. The brightness of the flowers and budding of the trees combined with the freshness in the air remind me of the joy of life. Springtime also is filled with fun and joyous occasions such as spring break and Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

I find it interesting that when the earth itself is beginning to show new life and the Christian community has celebrated Easter we find our society, our culture being bombarded with diversions. Headlines in newspapers, radio and television herald the latest: the "Da Vinci Code" movie, the lost gospel of Judas and the possibility that Jesus walked on some sort of "ice flow" instead of water.

It seems the world once again is questioning the facts of Christ - His birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection. Philosophers, scientists and others attempt to explain away what the Christian body believes because of the Bible. It is interesting that most of those making hypotheses and claims don't consider scripture as a measure in their mix. If the Bible is considered, it usually is to question its authenticity.

However, I believe my "owner's manual" (the Bible) is the inerrant Word of God that provides guidance and answers for every issue of life.

In Revelation 22 everyone who is thirsty or wishes to (including every man, woman, boy and girl) is invited to take the free gift of the Water of Life. Along with the offer comes exhortations to not add or take away from the Bible. John includes pretty strong warnings as to what will happen to those who do so.

We are living in times when Christians have the opportunity to exhibit their faith, not only in Jesus Christ, but in the Word of God which answers all the questions any movie or scientist could raise. With faith being such a prominent topic in our culture today, I encourage believers to permit neither the "scoffers" nor the world to define your faith in God and His Word. This is a time for us to affirm the scriptures and proclaim it with boldness and power.

Last Published: May 2, 2006 9:56 AM