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Perspective - August 2006

One of my passions is reading. I love books, especially inspirational books.

I recently read "Kiss Your Excuses Goodbye" by a new friend, Rene Godefroy, a Haitian national who is an outstanding motivational speaker. I have had the privilege of talking with Rene and have been blessed by his life journey.

In one chapter he used the hermit crab as an illustration. I was reminded of my boyhood in Colon, Panama, when I experienced hermit crabs. They were interesting to me. Along the dirt roads (no paved surfaces in those days), I would notice what seemed like thousands of crabs making their way across, though many were killed by cars and buses. The story of the hermit crab took on new meaning as I read Rene's book.

The hermit crab is an unusual species. An interesting fact is that when it outgrows its shell, it moves to a larger shell. I also learned that the hermit crab does not destroy the shell it outgrows, but leaves it for another crab to occupy.

I think we have something to learn from the hermit crab, which leaves a legacy for other hermit crabs!

Many years ago a church in transition had a smaller congregation meeting in the building. The larger church sold the building leaving the smaller congregation no place to meet, and gave the money from the sale of the property to missions.

Wouldn't it be great if every congregation that moves to the next level would leave a legacy? Some might leave their facilities for another congregation while others might leave financial resources to start new works, thereby providing a good witness in the community.

With so much ground to cover and 33 million unchurched in our state, California Southern Baptists need every witnessing point possible to spread the gospel. We need to think about tomorrow and make plans to impact our changing communities.

I encourage California Southern Baptists to be like the hermit crab and continue leaving a legacy.

Last Published: July 27, 2006 11:16 PM