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Perspective - December 2006

Recently I experienced a new "high" in Internet connection. Carlos, our oldest son, and I "chatted" online while he was flying to South Korea. Over the Pacific Ocean at an altitude of more than 30,000 feet Carlos and I conversed about his and his wife's journey to pick up our third grandchild - a boy, Losiah.

By the time you read this Carlos  and Heather will have returned to California with our grandson whom they adopted in Seoul. Carmen and I have two beautiful granddaughters and now are excited about the brother who will join them.

The weekend Carlos and Heather flew to South Korea, I had the privilege of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Concord Korean Baptist Church in Martinez, where David Gill is pastor. It was a wonderful time of celebration.

The children's choir was especially impressive and heartwarming. As they sang, I thought about and prayed for my new grandson, a Korean child whom we would welcome into our family. It seems so fitting that we will be able to give thanks for the abundant blessings of our lives and this new child during Thanksgiving. And to think we have been given a precious gift during the Christmas season as well.

I also thought about mine and Carmen's own children - Carlos and Eddie - and how they were enrolled in "cradle roll" before they were born. After their birth, it was such a joy to present them to their Sunday school teachers. Even more exciting was when they made professions of faith and were baptized.

I recently told a friend that California Southern Baptists care about people "from the cradle to the grave." Our greatest ministry is to see that all people - men, women, boys and girls - have an opportunity to hear the gospel and respond. I want that for my new grandson.

God has called California Southern Baptists to see every person without Christ as a prospect for the Kingdom of God. Whether preschoolers, children, teenagers or adults, we all are children of God, who desires that all come to Him.

Our Christmas will be filled with joy and happiness for many reasons, one of which is our newest addition. My prayer is that your Christmas will be filled with the joy, peace and hope that can only be found in the Infant born 2000 years ago - Jesus.

Last Published: November 30, 2006 12:56 AM