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Perspective - July 2007
Reaching people for Christ is my passion. One of the most effective strategies California Southern Baptist Convention has for reaching people is starting new churches.
Currently, I am reading a book on the urgency of starting healthy congregations. I recently spoke in one of our churches where the pastor emphasized reaching the lost people in the community, many of whom were socially and culturally different from the congregation. He firmly believes his church can grow by reaching the lost. I was inspired by this young pastor's words and believe he will motivate his members to reach those around them.
An effective way of reaching people is inviting them to attend church with you. People are much more likely to attend a Bible study or church service if invited personally. Studies bear this out. So, when was the last time you took a few moments to share with a family member, friend or co-worker about your walk with the Lord and invited them to church? Sometimes it seems daunting, but the Holy Spirit will use you to touch a life for Christ. I know, because it happens often to me.
Recently, I was leaving a hotel on a Sunday morning to speak at one of our churches. The front-desk manager looked a bit frazzled. During our conversation, I mentioned what I did and where I was going. She told me she was a Christian, but had been attending a Catholic church during the week because of working weekends. She said it was difficult finding a Baptist or Protestant worship opportunity during the week.
My heart ached for this young woman who wanted to worship God in a corporate setting, but could not do so because of her work schedule. California Southern Baptists should step out of our comfort zone and provide creative opportunities for worship and Bible study throughout the week.
I encourage churches to think of non-traditional ways to reach and minister to those in our communities.
My prayer is for California Southern Baptists to provide opportunities of all kinds so men, women, boys and girls can come to a saving knowledge of Christ.
Last Published: June 30, 2007 3:01 PM