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Perspective - August 2007
I am amazed at God's continued blessings on the ministry of California Southern Baptist churches.
I remember seasons as a pastor when I would rejoice in what God was doing in my church, my association or the convention. Then, suddenly, "strategic distractions" would come out of nowhere. Satan, the deceiver, master of lies and king of strategic distractions, would do his best to change my focus.

Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain focus, but I believe we can conquer him because the enemy of our souls has no power to control us. He can try to influence by using others, but we must remember he was defeated on the cross.

In my case, there is always something or someone crying out for response. As I analyze the situation I usually find that it is a strategic distraction by the enemy to keep me from reaching the lost and making disciples.

What are the strategic distractions in your life? Looking around I see many who are busy, but not in starting new churches or sharing the transforming power of Christ. Instead, they are chasing after the "wind." They have forgotten the only answer to the conflict in the world is Jesus Christ.

Not long ago, I had the opportunity of talking with a young couple who are ministering among Afghanis in the Bay Area. During the conversation, this young man shared about five young adults who were baptized recently. My heart rejoiced!

He is from India and said Hindus have many gods, and some are willing to add Jesus to their list of gods. Yet five young adults declared Jesus is the only way and now follow Him. 

I am pleased to have so many California Southern Baptists focused on reaching their communities for Christ. Your support of CSBC ministries through the Cooperative Program and various mission offerings provides opportunities to touch thousands of lives weekly throughout our state.
I pray that we stay focused and not let "strategic distractions" keep us from the task to which we have been called.
Last Published: July 29, 2007 11:39 PM