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Perspective - October 2007

The summer is over and fall activities are in full swing.

The summer of 2007 was outstanding, with exciting events - camps, Vacation Bible Schools, mission projects and mission trips - taking place in our churches. Events such as these impact many lives. Only time and Heaven will reveal the ministry accomplished in these few months of summer. 

Summer is also a time for vacations. My wife and I had the opportunity to vacation along the beach where I swam with the turtles. That event brought back many memories of my boyhood days and my grandfather bringing "huge turtles" home for dinner.

Standing in the shallow water and watching these beautiful aquatic creatures, I was told, "The turtles have the right-of-way." About that time, a great sea-turtle bumped me and basically said with his body language, "You are in my way."

The crowd on the beach that day was very large, but interestingly enough, no one seemed in a hurry. I still can see the many faces of the crowd from all over the world. All around I heard languages spoken, many of which I could not place.

The vacationers on the beach that day remind me of Californians each of us encounter daily - people from throughout the world who have come to the United States, and California in particular, for a new start, a new opportunity.

Those on the beach that day also remind me of California Southern Baptists - people with different colors of skin and different languages.

I couldn't understand all the languages spoken; however, I am so glad our Heavenly Father understands every language and hears and answers prayers in numerous ways.

California Southern Baptists are committed to sharing Christ with every person in our state. That commitment is not a "pipe dream," but a direct command from our Lord to be His witnesses.

My prayer is that each California Southern Baptist congregation and its members find the opportunity to share Christ's love with a lost world. The mission has remained the same for 2,000 years - to transform lives resulting in transformed communities.

Last Published: September 28, 2007 1:20 AM