Matthew 28:19-20 records Christ’s command to His disciples. They were to tell others about Christ and His redeeming love. While some are called to be missionaries overseas and some are called to minister somewhere in the United States, all of us are called to tell the story as we go.

This new section of The Cutting Edge will present ministry opportunities for you, your mission/ministry group, your church and your family. Some of the ideas involve a long-term commitment. Other postings will make you aware of what a variety groups are doing across our nation and around the world.

As you check this section each month, look for ways to customize the ministries to your situation. Remember, we are all called to share as we go!


If we want to live lives that radiate Jesus and share what He means to us, we need to prepare, let the Holy Spirit go before us and meet opportunities to share with joy and anticipation. Read More
Lifestyle evangelism is a term that has been popular for many years. Even though it is a familiar term, many are still confused about what it means. Read More
Now that the holiday season is officially over, you may be picking up the threads of ministry for the new year. Read More
Students need to be involved in ministry projects in their communities! Projects should be well-planned and chaperoned so parents are comfortable with their teens’ participation. Read More
Disaster Relief is a “we-have-something-everyone-can-do” missions venue! Food service, clean up, counseling, childcare, computer work, logistics – something for everyone. Read More
Just as our personal activities are often dictated by the seasons, the four seasons can provide a platform for ministry that will demonstrate Christians’ willingness to extend helping hands to others. Read More
As followers of Christ, we need to constantly be on the lookout for ways we can make a difference in our communities. Being “salt and light” requires a vigilance that involves creativity and commitment. Consider some of the following as avenues to be salt and light where you live. Read More
Your professional skills may be your passport to an exciting mission journey! Consider the following avenues for short-term mission service. Read More
Doing missions with your family is an exciting prospect! When your family includes children, the time together becomes a time of learning about the importance of everyone’s participation in missions. Read More
In these days of continued stressful economic times, families are faced with the possibility of having to cancel vacations or plans to remodel their homes. Instead of being a time of relaxation and recreation, summer becomes yet another cause of tension. Read More
One of the challenges moms and dads face is involving their entire family in mission activities. It really isn’t enough for just mom to engage in mission projects. It’s wonderful when both parents demonstrate the importance of personal involvement in reaching out to others in Jesus’ name. When the whole family becomes involved, some neat things happen! Read More
It can be a scary thing to share your Christian testimony! In Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century published in 2004 by Group, writers provide the following training sessions to help women feel confident about sharing Christ with others. Meetings can be scheduled monthly or quarterly and held in women’s homes, at the church or any convenient location. Read More
Women are on the go! What a perfect name for any group of women interested in maximizing their influence in their families, communities and churches – Going Places Women. Read More
Spring is a time when our thoughts turn to new beginnings. It is a time when our plans made during the cold days of winter can come to fruition. We feel like we have a clean slate that is ours to write down our dreams and desires. Read More
It seems like only yesterday all the children (and adults) were returning to school. The crisp, fall air made us think of cooler nights, harvests and pumpkin pie. Now we’ve turned the corner and Christmas is almost upon us. The Christmas season presents a myriad of opportunities for ministry. The key to successful ministry during this time of year is advance planning! Waiting until December will be too late. Read More
Here is an outreach idea one church in the Sacramento area used to connect to the valentine theme for the month. Read More
If you are like most leaders involved in ministry, there is a time when you realize it is time to begin a new ministry. Whether it is something short-term or a ministry that is ongoing, everyone needs new ideas! Read More