Family Mission Projects

One of the challenges moms and dads face is involving their entire family in mission activities. It really isn’t enough for just mom to engage in mission projects. It’s wonderful when both parents demonstrate the importance of personal involvement in reaching out to others in Jesus’ name. When the whole family becomes involved, some neat things happen! Here are some suggestions to create a thirst for participation in missions.

If your children like to read and write:

  • See if there is an opportunity for them to read to an elderly person.
  • Help them write get well or encouragement cards to a person with a terminal. illness or to a shut-in.
  • Purchase children’s books and deliver to a shelter.

 If your child enjoys sports or likes artistic projects:

  • Volunteer to work with Special Olympics or help someone with disabilities.
  • Fix toys for needy children.
  • Show children how to sew on buttons on used clothing to be given to a shelter.

 If your child enjoys music:

  • Arrange to go to a convalescent hospital and sing with patients there.
  • Make plans to go Christmas caroling during the holiday season.

If your child likes to be with people:

  • Make and deliver after-school snacks for a local homeless shelter.
  • Collect good used coats, hats, & mittens for cold winter weather and take to a homeless shelter in your city.
  • Help put food baskets together to distribute to needy families. Include a game that family can play.

If your child is creative:

  • Help to cut out quilt blocks for someone to sew together for quilts for residents of convalescent hospitals.
  • Find a craft project that everyone can do and share with neighbors or shut-ins.
  • Decorate the church for a special occasion such as Christmas or Easter.

When the outside weather is good:

  • Gather gardening tools & weed and plant flowers for an elderly neighbor.
  • Pick up trash along the side of a road – keep in mind everyone’s safety.

When your family has an outing:

  • Consider inviting a child from a family that does not have the money for such outings.
  • Invite an older person whose family is far away to go with you.
  • Buy lunch for someone you don’t know when you stop for fast food.
Last Published: December 3, 2008 7:36 PM