Helping Hands Fall - a seasonal approach to ministry

Just as our personal activities are often dictated by the seasons, the four seasons can provide a platform for ministry that will demonstrate Christians’ willingness to extend helping hands to others. Following are some suggestions for each season that may translate into annual activities that focus on sharing the message of God’s love with your community.

The fall turns our thoughts to a new school year and all that comes with another year of learning for all ages. Returning to school for many is a financial burden because of the expenses of required school supplies. Multiply that cost times the number of children in the family and it is a large amount!

Work with elementary and middle schools in your city to determine how many children will need assistance with supplies; some large retailers will give discounts. Watch for special back-to-school sales. Office supply stores often have “loss leaders” with notebook paper, pencils, glue and markers for below-normal sale prices. Shop early for the best buys!

If there are registration days, ask permission to be there to distribute the supplies so a connection is made for your group or church. In the busy-ness of new school years teachers are often just a side issue. Decide how you can show your appreciation for their dedication. You could provide a luncheon one day during the preparation week before classes begin. Snacks for the teachers’ break room would be a friendly touch. Leave a note telling teachers you will be praying for them.

Since it’s fall, utilize fall decorations and the theme in whatever gifts you provide (leaves, pumpkins, the colors red, brown, orange, gold).

Begin thinking about cold, winter days. Winter is just around the corner! Next, what you can do during the holiday season to demonstrate God’s love to others.

Last Published: November 15, 2010 7:30 PM