Helping Hands Spring – A Seasonal Approach to Ministry

Spring is a time when our thoughts turn to new beginnings. It is a time when our plans made during the cold days of winter can come to fruition. We feel like we have a clean slate that is ours to write down our dreams and desires. Spring brings the smell of sweet peas, jasmine and orange blossoms. Ministry in this season can bring sweet blessings of sharing Christ with people with special needs. God’s desire to draw everyone to Him should motivate us to be intentional in our outreach to people in our neighborhoods and communities.

Many of us do our spring cleaning as the official beginning to this season of new beginnings. There is something special about starting the season with a clean house. The “honey do” list has grown during the winter months and now is the time to begin crossing off chores as “done.”

There is a segment of society that cannot participate in this activity as they have in the past – the elderly. While their minds are still active and they may even be involved in activities outside their homes, the maintenance and upkeep on their residences is beyond their physical ability. Youth groups have traditionally been the ones to clean out gutters, do lawn work and paint the house’s eaves. Spring is a time for all of this, and a home maintenance ministry is valuable. One area, however, is usually overlooked – the inside of the senior citizen’s house. While some seniors have regular housecleaners, the deep cleaning is often neglected.

Cluttered cabinets, dirty windows, dusty baseboards and unused items have a way of accumulating during the winter. Clearing these out is often something the elderly simply do not have the energy for. Reaching into the back of kitchen cupboards is something they can’t do.

Looking for a spring ministry project? Here it is! Seniors will rarely ask for this type of help, not even from their family members. Form teams of 2-3 women who will volunteer to do spring cleaning for three elderly persons. Choose a day and make it a “Spring Cleaning Blitz Day.” There is momentum in everyone cleaning on the same day. Arrange to meet together when everyone is finished for afternoon tea and scones to celebrate the results of the efforts and new friendships formed.

If spring is here, can summer be far behind? The “lazy days of summer” may be lyrics of a popular song, but summer cannot be a season free from ministry. The feeling of freedom we feel in the summer can be channeled into a lively approach to extending helping hands to others in ministry. Watch for summer ministry days!

Last Published: March 2, 2010 11:02 PM