Valentine Outreach Project

Here is an outreach idea one church in the Sacramento area used to connect to the valentine theme for the month.

For Individuals:
Children will prepare just enough for themselves (1 candle, 5 chocolate Kisses) to take home in a baggie ready to share.

Note: Use the candle cards to give out to friends who are believers. Suggest they use it in a prayer time to thank God for those they love and to think about how they can share God’s love with others.

Place these words on the cards:

  • Have a memorable Valentine’s Day!
  • Take a minute to pray as you reflect in the glow of the candle.
  • What is God revealing that you can do to bless others?
  • Let God’s love and light shine through you.

Place chocolate Kisses in small bags

Note: Use the cards to give to strangers or acquaintances with a smile! Be ready to tell them why you are sharing God’s love.

For Families:
For an outreach project to families, put 10 chocolate Kisses in each baggie.

For Churchwide Use:
Children will prepare the baggies for families to take for ministry. Have them available prior to Valentine’s Day for timely delivery. Be sure to include instructions for this avenue of sharing God’s love. “Let your light shine” as you distribute the candy and cards. Stress the value of families using the candle for a prayer time and reflection on the importance of God’s love.

Even though February 14 has come and gone, file this idea away to use next year!

Last Published: March 2, 2010 11:17 PM