Going Places Women

In case you haven’t noticed yet, women are on the go! At any given moment there is a woman on her way to work, to buy food for her family or to a community event. She transports children to soccer games, gymnastics, music lessons and the library. She runs errands to the post office, pays utility bills and picks up pavers for her garden. Women are on the go! What a perfect name for any group of women interested in maximizing their influence in their families, communities and churches – Going Places Women.

Here are a few suggestions that can help women in your church incorporate ministry into their already-too-busy schedules. These ideas can be sandwiched between trips to the orthodontist and the last-minute grocery run.

Waiting time at appointments
Waiting at children’s dental appointments or music lessons can be productive time, especially for multitasking women. Survey the area around the dentist’s office or music teacher’s house and spend the time prayer-walking the neighborhood. If in a business district, pray for business owners (you may want to pray that some businesses close!). In a neighborhood pray that families, parents, teens and children will be sensitive to God’s work in their lives. Ask God to send someone with the Good News about Jesus.

At the mall
Prior to Christmas, women can be found at malls all over the U.S.! Why not take a few extra minutes and give away cellophane tape with an invitation to a special Christmas musical presentation at your church? No one will turn down a new roll of tape at this time of year! Women can do this easily in pairs to minimize nervous feelings about approaching people. This is a very good sharing tool for a season when individuals are more open to the Good News of Jesus.

On the way to work
Over a period of time, commuter minutes become hours which can be used to memorize scripture, listen to recorded books of the Bible or Christian music. Make it a point to think of at least one thing to share with others that you learned during your commuting time. This doesn’t have to be wasted time!

Running errands
Insert ministry moments into your errand-running time. Carry non-perishable snacks in small lunch sacks and give them out as you see homeless individuals on sidewalks or at freeway ramps. Be sure to include a message about God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ. It is not unreasonable to run errands for someone who can no longer drive or who is recuperating from surgery and needs something from the grocery store.

At sports events
Most parks and sport complexes present opportunity for ministry. There are often homeless persons in evidence – carry a new blanket and give it away. Hunger is usually an issue, so, again, have snack sacks prepared to distribute. This will model ministry for your children and others as you demonstrate God’s love for everyone.

Going Places Women comes naturally in our busy lives. Take advantage of every opportunity to share your testimony with others – as you go!

Last Published: April 19, 2010 11:28 PM