Equipping women to share their faith

It can be a scary thing to share your Christian testimony! In Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century published in 2004 by Group, writers provide the following training sessions to help women feel confident about sharing Christ with others. Meetings can be scheduled monthly or quarterly and held in women’s homes, at the church or any convenient location.

Meeting #1
Keep the group small (5-6 women) and ask them to write the story of how they became Christians. Pair them with another woman and ask them to read their stories to each other. Ask them to move to other partners until they have shared their story with all the women present. Encourage listeners to ask questions to clarify things they hear in the stories.

Homework assignment: Encourage each woman to share her story with five other people before the next meeting. A good place to start is with family and close friends.

Meeting #2
Discuss the homework assignment. By this time each woman should have shared her story 10 times. Talk about three things God has done in their lives. Ask women to write a story about one of these things and get a partner to share the story with.

Homework assignment: Women should tell five people one of their stories before the next meeting. Ask them to look for one thing God is doing in their lives each week until the next meeting and write them down. Suggest they keep their stories in a notebook so they have a collection of stories.

Meeting #3
Ask the women about their experiences of sharing their stories about what God is doing in their lives. Have they been more aware of God’s work in their everyday lives? Ask each woman to share one thing she has discovered since the last meeting.

Discuss what objections others might raise as they tell their stories, such as “Christians are all hypocrites” or “I could never believe in a God who lets people suffer and die.” Have the women practice how they would respond to such responses. Do this through role playing rather than just talking as role playing is more pointed and realistic.

Homework assignment: Ask each woman to find a non-Christian friend or acquaintance and tell them one of their stories. Have them continue to look for ways God is at work in their lives and to write additional stories about what they observe, adding them to their collection of stories.

Meeting #4
Have women report on how their storytelling went – what worked, what didn’t work, how people responded to the stories. Ask them to tell a new story of God’s working in their lives. Talk about some conversation starters that would open up a possible discussion about how God has worked in their lives. Comments about world issues (do not discuss politics!) can introduce opportunities to share how God is in control even though people are acting crazy. Or, how would they respond if someone asked, “You’re cheerful today. Are you always like this?” Spend the rest of the meeting coming up with conversation starters and role playing.

Homework assignment: Ask women to use some of their conversation starters with at least three strangers or acquaintances. They are to continue collecting stories for their notebooks.

Additional meetings
Continue to meet occasionally to update each other about how God continues to work in and the responses to their storytelling.

Last Published: April 19, 2010 11:59 PM