Helping Hands Summer - A Seasonal Approach to Ministry

The soft, pastel colors of spring have faded and in their place is a riot of hot days and bright reds, blues and yellows. Outings to the beach or mountains and trips to the local library for storytelling fill our days. There’s something freeing about the summer months, even if we are still working full-time, caring for children and working in Vacation Bible School!

In these days of continued stressful economic times, families are faced with the possibility of having to cancel vacations or plans to remodel their homes. Instead of being a time of relaxation and recreation, summer becomes yet another cause of tension. Child-care is a financial drain and frequent “I’m bored” statements begin to grate on parents’ nerves.

Summer is a time made for ministry! The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Consider these for your women’s ministry group: 

  • Provide family fun nights at your church or in a park. If the church facility is used, show movies complete with popcorn (it’s cheap!) and even hot dogs (almost cheap!). Enlist some men to construct a five-hole miniature golf course and set it up in the church’s fellowship hall. If you have to charge, make it affordable for families. Remember, this is a ministry!
  • Vacation Bible School and the follow-up event, Zip for Kids, now produced by LifeWay Christian Resources, is an excellent way to minister to families and their children who do not normally attend your church. VBS is an outreach tool into your community and is ready-made for the summer months!
  • One summer a group decided to introduce themselves to people who frequented a local public park by offering to take and frame photographs of families as they came to the popular outdoor spot. The ministry attempt failed. Very few families actually came to the park – but ... people walking their dogs did! So, being flexible, they began taking photos of owners and their dogs and framing them. Several relationships were formed and doors were open to providing other services needed by community residents.

Making the time God gives us count for eternity is what really matters. Ministry is for all seasons.

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Last Published: July 16, 2015 1:11 AM