Wanted: Christian Professionals

Your professional skills may be your passport to an exciting mission journey! Consider the following avenues for short-term mission service. 

Physicians, Dentists and Nurses
There are many opportunities to use your professional medical training on the mission field. Whether in the United States or overseas, the International and North American Mission Boards regularly post opportunities for short-term projects requiring persons with your specific medical abilities. Visit both boards’ Websites for current listings of opportunities: www.imb.org and www.namb.net .

Woman’s Missionary Union uses International Initiatives to channel individuals’ involvement for special overseas projects. Contact them at www.wmu.org.

In California Disaster Relief teams use dentists, doctors and nurses to provide care at disaster sites and through the Convention’s Mobile Dental/Medical Units. Contact Don Hargis for current opportunities to serve in this area.

There is always a need for teachers willing to train nationals in methods they can apply to their own nation’s educational system. Both mission boards’ Websites give information about teaching opportunities at universities and training schools overseas. Teaching English is a frequent request.

Accountants are needed to conduct audits, establish fiscal procedures and regulate conformity to tax laws. There are short-term opportunities to serve for state conventions, associations and overseas for regional missions. This can be an important ministry of encouragement and a rewarding service avenue.

If you have professional experience and expertise in counseling, your efforts will be appreciated when disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes or hurricanes strike. When people have lost their homes and loved ones, they are receptive to hearing the gospel and will often respond to Christ’s call. Counselors are vital to the healing that must take place in difficult times such as these. Being willing to travel and scripturally grounded, as well as sensitive to multicultural issues, will enable you to be effective in bringing hope to those in drastic need.

A pastor willing to share his theological training with national pastors will be of tremendous use on the mission field. Pastors overseas often serve with little or no training and resources. Sharing preaching techniques and encouraging them in their work can be uplifting. The home church will also benefit from their pastor’s broadened perspective and personal involvement in missions.

For more information, contact Eva De La Rosa, WMU/Women’s Ministries specialist, at 559-229-9533, ext. 256 or by e-mail.

Last Published: September 13, 2011 4:14 PM