What to do when you don't know what to do

This title caught my attention as I was reading a magazine. I read on to see what the author’s subject was. Dean Jones is a conference manager and wrote to encourage us as leaders to continue to be part of the “solution” (whatever the circumstance). He said he has observed volunteers and the impact they can have on any event or activity.

Jones asserts that it is volunteers who can make the difference in our communities as they strive to meet local needs and provide services. He has been the recipient of volunteer efforts after a flood damaged his house. Their willingness to serve others impressed him tremendously.

In these difficult economic times, the need for volunteers is perhaps even greater than it has been in the past. When fire, flood or other disasters strike, people don’t have the resources once available to them. The importance of Christians coming forward as volunteers has risen to new levels.

There are many opportunities for volunteers within the structure of Southern Baptist life. Disaster Relief is probably the avenue that comes most readily to our minds. Once a person has received DR training, the opportunities for service are virtually unlimited! Overseas relief efforts are ongoing as are projects within North America.

Disaster Relief is a “we-have-something-everyone-can-do” missions venue! Food service, clean up, counseling, childcare, computer work, logistics – something for everyone. Several years ago during relief efforts in El Salvador, a volunteer was needed to do the computer logistical work of coordinating incoming and outgoing volunteers and warehouse stock. Guess who volunteered? A deaf man with vertigo! He couldn’t climb down into water wells or communicate easily with others but he could create a database for warehouse supplies and route volunteers.

If a deaf, dizzy man can be a Disaster Relief volunteer, you can too!

Jones closes his article by stating that the response “I don’t know what to do” is no longer an acceptable excuse. Next time DR training is offered or a disaster strikes, show up!

For more information about Disaster Relief work in California, contact Don Hargis, by e-mail or call 559.229.9533, ext. 255.

Last Published: March 29, 2013 1:35 AM