Random acts of kindness for students

Students need to be involved in ministry projects in their communities! Projects should be well-planned and chaperoned so parents are comfortable with their teens’ participation. Student missions education leaders and other student leaders can plan activities that will interest students and allow them to make an impact in their communities.

Here are some suggestions for student involvement in sharing Christ with others by demonstrating His love.

At the Park

  • give out balloons to children and their families
  • distribute bottled water to joggers (attach label with church information)
  • collect trash
  • hand out bubbles to children – use large bubble-blowers to attract a crowd

In Parking Lots

  • offer to clean car windows (do not do this without owners’ permission)
  • hold a free car wash
  • put a flower under the windshield wiper with the word “Rejoice” on it
  • pick up trash

At Convalescent Homes

  • read the Bible to residents
  • have a monthly birthday party complete with decorations and cake
  • paint women’s fingernails (receive permission to do this)
  • give a flower to everyone
  • make decorated tray cards with Bible verses on them

In the Mall (get permission to do any of these ideas)

  • provide homemade cookies to mall employees
  • do free face-painting for children
  • during the Christmas season distribute rolls of transparent tape to shoppers with church info and a Bible verse on a tag attached to the tape
  • offer bottled water to shoppers (be careful about undermining a mall business)

At a Laundromat

  • give quarters to patrons
  • offer to help fold and carry out clean laundry
  • give out individual-sized laundry soap
  • hand out snacks and bottled water to patrons as they wait
  • give coloring books and crayons to children waiting with their parents
  • give away magazines (HomeLife, other LifeWay publications)

At the Supermarket (get permission ahead of time to do any of these)

  • offer to carry shoppers’ bags to their cars
  • give balloons to children
  • give cashiers and other store employees treats
Last Published: December 8, 2010 10:57 PM