As we go: lifestyle evangelism for women (part one)

Lifestyle evangelism is a term that has been popular for many years. Even though it is a familiar term, many are still confused about what it means. Much of the confusion comes because, as is our human tendency, anything outside our comfort level is regarded with suspicion and the feeling that someone else would be better than we.

Such is really not the case, however, with lifestyle evangelism. Put simply, this means that as we go (and we are going, aren’t we?), we are to be the kind of persons who bring honor to God. As we go, we are to find ways to share what God has done for us. As we go we should see sharing opportunities in every situation. As we go we need to be ready to say or do something that will point another person to Christ.

As we go means we acknowledge that the Holy Spirit will go before us and prepare individuals’ hearts to receive what we have to say. What happens when their hearts are prepared and we fail to share? A missed opportunity that may never come our way again! Here are some things we can do to prepare personally for sharing the Good News of Jesus. 

  1. We need to be able to share about our personal salvation experience. Practice what you want to say. Keep it simple. Stick to the actual experience. Don’t digress into 20 years of experiences – just about what Jesus did when He came into your heart.
  2. Be prepared through prayer. Ask that God will lead you to people who need to hear about His love. Pray for boldness to share.
  3. Bible study will confirm to you that God’s plan for turning the world back to Him is that ALL of us are involved.
  4. Be available. Be alert to unusual circumstances that lend themselves to a brief word of witness. Be sensitive to others’ needs at that particular moment. Teach yourself to make spiritual applications to every situation.
  5. Depend on the Holy Spirit. His guidance in your evangelistic efforts is critical.

As we go – Matthew 28:19-20 tells us that “as we go” we are to share the message of Jesus and what His death on the cross did for us. As we go we must be faithful to take every opportunity to tell His story!

Watch for part two of this series.

Last Published: April 26, 2011 12:24 AM