As we go: lifestyle evangelism for women (part two)

In the first part of this series, we discussed what lifestyle evangelism is and how we can prepare ourselves spiritually for this approach to sharing Christ with others. This second part will address how to tailor your personal testimony for maximum impact, and some reasons why we find it difficult to begin living lives that are evangelistic at the core.

First, how can we construct our testimonies so they are something others will be willing to listen to? Here are a few suggestions: 

  1. Write out your testimony. This will help you be sure you include important things you want to share.
  2. Learn to share about Jesus in three minutes or less. Choose your words carefully for maximum effect.
  3. Don’t dwell on your past life – focus on Jesus.
  4. Be sure to use “people” words, not church phrases.
  5. Be specific about HOW you accepted Jesus into your life.
  6. Update your testimony. Don’t put it in the past tense. Demonstrate that your faith is current.

Here are some good conversation starters you can use in sharing Jesus with others:

  • Begin by talking about family. This can be a good way to introduce how your faith in Jesus sustains you and your family during difficult times.
  • Talking about your occupation can be a way to illustrate how Jesus calms and uplifts you in the workplace.
  • While a discussion on “religion” may not be appropriate, you can introduce what you have heard or experienced recently with a body of believers.
  • Set your mind and heart on sharing one thing about the message of Christ. Find a way to work that one thing into your conversations.

Why are we unwilling or unable to share Jesus with a non-believer?

We haven’t learned how to share. Despite the availability of many witnessing tools, we have not incorporated them into our daily lives. We are too embarrassed to share for fear of rejection. We may not really believe that non-believers are lost. Perhaps we have never trusted Jesus ourselves and have just been going through the motions of attending church and engaging in good works without the assurance of our eternal destiny.

If we want to live lives that radiate Jesus and share what He means to us, we need to prepare, let the Holy Spirit go before us and meet opportunities to share with joy and anticipation.

Last Published: May 3, 2011 6:20 PM