MissionInsite Demographic Resources

MissionInsite from CSBC on Vimeo.


MissionInsite provides a powerful collection of demographic resources to the local church or to the new church starter. Watch the video that will introduce your church to 21st century ministry discovery. Whether in larger regional gatherings or for smaller local church groups, this visual presentation shows how to use MissionInsite for ministry planning in dynamic communities with increasingly more diverse cultures.

This free service is made possible through Cooperative Program gifts and is web based, making it accessible to any CSBC church or church starter with Internet access.

Every church will have a unique password. If the church chooses, the members can do their own analysis of the church’s ministry area. A church is able to customize the target area, look for unique opportunities or capture a summary of the entire area. Click here to explore the resources available from MissionInsite.

With a brief orientation to the website, the church leader(s) can produce reports to be used in planning and strategy meetings. There is no limit to the number of reports a church can produce. Click here to download the quick start guide (pdf).

For more information contact:

Kathy Vana
Ministry Assistant
559.229.9533 x. 259
E-mail Kathy Vana

Last Published: August 10, 2015 11:29 AM