Jesus said, “ your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ready for harvest.” John 4:35b (HCSB)

The opportunities for ministry in communities throughout California are limitless if only California Southern Baptists will “open your eyes.” There are people all around our churches who desperately  need help and hope. California Southern Baptist Convention churches can make a difference in meeting the needs in communities while also sharing the gospel.

CSBC is prepared to assist churches and church leaders in consulting, training and networking for the best ways to reach communities through resort and event ministries, community outreach ministries, literacy ministries, migrant ministries, chaplains ministries, hunger ministries and summer missionaries.

Many of the ways CSBC can assist churches with community ministries are found in the resources and through specialists displayed on this page. 

Charles McClung
Ministry Evangelism Specialist
559.229.9533 x.247
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       Amaris Guerrero
Ministry Assistant
559.229.9533 x.243
E-mail Amaris Guerrero