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Celebrate Cooperative Program Day any Sunday in 2014 by sharing with your congregation how it is helping spread the Gospel in California, throughout the United States and around the world.

Did you know that you and your church are instrumental in spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth? That partnership begins here by reaching the world in California. How is this possible? Through the Cooperative Program!

When an individual gives to a local church affiliated with California Southern Baptist Convention, a portion of that offering is given to CSBC. The state convention then distributes a portion of those gifts to a variety of ministries such as starting new churches, evangelism projects and mission efforts to reach California for Christ. Gifts also support California Baptist Foundation and California Baptist University.

Gifts also are shared with the Southern Baptist Convention to support national and international ministries through the North American Mission Board, International Mission Board. Gifts also are shared with SBC agencies and and six seminaries.

Every dollar you give has an impact in life-changing ministries all around the world, but it begins here in California.

So, celebrate the Cooperative Program and the part your congregation plays in supporting evangelism, missions and ministry not only in California, but throughout the world.  Here are resources to help in promoting Cooperative Program Day in your congregation.


Cooperative Program Sunday - Frank Page from CSBC on Vimeo.

CP Video - From You to Eternity
To view online or download this video, click the desired language below:

This video is perfectly illustrates the Cooperative Program and how it works. The less than three-minute film takes a clever approach to how CP works by using an artist to illustrate the narration.  The video demonstrates the genius of the Cooperative Program and its plan to employ individual and church gifts to support mission endeavors locally, nationally and globally. Watch the streaming video and download the video in either standard definition (usable for most congregations) or high definition for viewing as part of your CP Day celebration.


Two posters have been designed and go along with the cartoon look of the video. The larger poster (11” x 17”) is predominately an illustration of how the Cooperative Program works by individuals tithing to their local churches and those churches including the Cooperative Program in their budget. The larger poster should be used in “high traffic” areas so church members can see the poster and learn more about church involvement in missions through CP. To order posters, click here.

Poster_Small_Web_SM Also available is a smaller poster (8.5” x 11”) which uses copy and some illustrations to explain the CP process. This smaller poster could be used with the larger poster, or can be used by itself to promote CP. Because of space, the smaller poster is great for posting in classrooms to help educate persons using those rooms about CP. To order posters, click here.

Bulletin Insert/Bookmark
bulletin_front_Web-SM There is a combination bulletin insert/bookmark available for churches to distribute to their members when they show the new CP video.  The bulletin insert reinforces the content in the video about how CP works and the ministries it supports. The tear-off book mark is a take away for members to remember the Cooperative Program and encourages them to “pray, go and share their faith and give” to reach more people for Christ. To order bulletin inserts/bookmarks, click here.



Sermon Materials
Randy McWhorter, leader of the CSBC healthy church group and evangelism director for the state convention, has developed a sermon and PowerPoint for use on CP Day. The sermon is entitled "From You to Eternity" and highlights how individuals fulfill the Great Commission through witnessing and giving. Pastors, consider using these sermon materials as the basis for your CP Day message.

30 Days of Prayer for Cooperative Program
You have heard it said that more can be done together than alone. Ecclesiastes 4:9 records, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” This truly is how Cooperative Program works.

When we work together we can do so much more to share the love and message of Christ than any one can do by himself. It is a blessing to be part of something bigger than our own efforts; to see what God will do with and through combined efforts, resources and prayers.

A 30-Day Prayer Calendar has been developed to assist church members and congregations to pray for many of the ministries made possible by gifts through the Cooperative Program.  

Here are some suggested uses for the prayer calendar:

  • Copy the brochure for insertion in church bulletins or newsletters
  • Add the prayer requests to the church Website – daily or all 30 days at once so those visiting could choose which request to pray for
  • Share prayer requests in a daily and/or weekly email blast to members of your church
  • Pray for a specific request from the guide during each service during the week
  • Include one or two requests in the Sunday bulletin, bring attention to the request and ask members to pray during the week
  • Post a prayer request each day on the church’s facebook page
  • Consider tweeting a prayer request each day

However congregations choose to use this tool, CSBC hopes it will remind church leaders and members about the many ways faithful giving through the Cooperative Program provides ministry that reaches far beyond the doors of congregations to reach people throughout California, across the nation and around the world. Click here to download the brochure.

Where does my money go?
This is a visual illustration of the distribution of Cooperative Program gifts for Southern Baptist Convention worldwide missions, California Southern Baptist Convention for state missions and CSBC institutional support - California Baptist Foundation and California Baptist University.

Cooperative Program Brochure
CSBC has developed a Cooperative Program brochure detailing how CP works beginning with your family and moving through your church, your state convention and your world. The four-color brochure also details why CP is important in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. The tri-fold brochure is available in four languages - English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

CP Certificate of Appreciation
If interested, CSBC will provide a Certificate of Appreciation to churches for their support of CSBC and SBC ministries through the Cooperative Program. Reading the certificate to the congregation on CP Sunday is one way to inform members of their worldwide mission vision by giving to CP.

CP Resources Order Form

CSBC Facts
Here are several facts about California Southern Baptist Convention and its ministries. These facts could be valuable in promoting CP Sunday for use in sermons illustrating how your congregation is cooperating to reach the world in California.

2013 CSBC Ministry Highlights
California Southern Baptists are fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment with various events and activities through 2,100 congregations statewide. In 2012 (latest statics available), California Southern Baptists reported 14,938 baptisms, ranking CSBC in the top 10 among state Baptist conventions for total number of baptisms.

Watch the streaming video report on this page. You can download the video to show your congregations what they are doing to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment in California through their gifts to the Cooperative Program and the California Mission Offering.

A two-page 2013 Report to California Baptists also is available in four languages - English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

Last Published: July 10, 2014 6:58 PM