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The CSB is a Cooperative Program ministry.


The California Southern Baptist is the official newspaper of California Southern Baptist Convention. The monthly publication features news, opinions, information and promotional material for and about Southern Baptist congregations, mission endeavors, ministries, programs and emphases. While focusing primarily on California, the CSB also includes news about national and international Southern Baptist ministries.


Fishing is biblical, says Earl Bigelow, age 96. Fishermen were among Jesus' disciples, he notes. Fishing is blessed by God, he adds. The first week of February Bigelow caught a 25-pound white-tail tuna in the ocean waters off San Diego. It was the biggest catch of the day on the boat he was on. Read More
Encouraged to "Release and Restore," several dozen participants at a recent human exploitation awareness conference learned about the proliferation of human trafficking throughout the United States. Read More
The California Southern Baptist Convention Executive Board voted to maintain affiliation with a CSBC congregation after investigating allegations that the church's bylaws were in conflict with "The Baptist Faith and Message." Read More
Church leaders were encouraged to take their churches to "the next level" during the first of six Elevate Summits planned throughout California. Held at Woodward Park Baptist Church in Fresno Jan. 26, the first gathering featured a variety of speakers ranging from church growth specialists to tech advisors. Read More
Francis Murphy understood something important: most people like tomatoes, in some form. They like them on hamburgers, in salads and with tacos. Whole, sliced or chunked, people want tomatoes, and Francis learned how to provide them year-round. Read More
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