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The CSB is a Cooperative Program ministry.


The California Southern Baptist is the official newspaper of California Southern Baptist Convention. The monthly publication features news, opinions, information and promotional material for and about Southern Baptist congregations, mission endeavors, ministries, programs and emphases. While focusing primarily on California, the CSB also includes news about national and international Southern Baptist ministries.


California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministries currently has two teams deployed to serve victims of fires and flooding in Washington and Hawaii. Read More
To reach college students for Christ is to influence the course of business, government, culture, and, yes, the Church for decades to come. Read More
For an outsider looking in at Sequoia Heights Baptist Church in Manteca, it would be hard not to ask the question, "Who are the Kisi?" Signs in each hallway and bathroom implore members to "pray for the Kisi;" the church website prominently features the Kisi people; photos and prayer guides are on many members' refrigerators and bedside tables. Read More
As I scroll through more than 1,000 photos from this year's New America Singers (California's Baptist student choir) mission tour, these pictures stick in my mind; it's like the Lord is saying, "Share these thoughts with the people." Read More
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