Disaster Relief Fleet Adoption

What a great year 2004 has been for California Disaster Relief!  We started the year continuing to clean up home sites affected by the worst firestorms in the states history burning more than 500,000 acres and consuming over 3,000 homes. We were also invited by our partner state, Hawaii to come there and rebuild four homes damaged by winter high winds. Our volunteers responded to the hurricanes in Florida and to the fires in Northern California.  2004 was also a great year because we now have over 1000 new disaster relief volunteers from across our Convention trained and are ready to serve when called.

Over the years disaster relief by California Southern Baptists has directly touched over one million victims with hot meals, property clean up, childcare and counseling.  We have increased our disaster relief fleet from three vehicles to over 15 to meet the needs. We now have a current capacity to prepare 45,000 meals a day!  This is accomplished through three mobile feeding kitchens strategically placed in the state. All of this has been possible because of the support and prayers of California Southern Baptists.

Your continued support for California Disaster Relief is vital.  Since 1997, we have only responded to one major disaster in California. The support for that disaster was good, but the need to maintain our fleet of disaster relief vehicles continues on.  This maintenance cost is our number one expense.  We have a new plan to help meet these needs in an ongoing way.

The California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministry is now seeking CSBC churches or associations that will “adopt” a disaster relief unit. Sponsorship can be for all the expenses of a unit or for part of the expenses. The sponsor will be asked to commit to meeting the cost of maintaining the unit for one year or more with registration, insurance, tune-ups, repairs, tires, etc.  Because each disaster relief unit is different, the commitment level to “adopt” will vary.

The commitments required to adopt a disaster relief unit will range from $750 to $3,500 per year.  The larger vehicles may require more than one adopting church to meet the annual needs. Therefore, any size church can adopt all the annual needs or a part of them. Here is a list that  provides more information about our current disaster relief fleet and estimate of the cost to adopt each unit.

CSBC Disaster Relief Fleet

Unit Name Location Annual Costs
Mobile Feeding Kitchen Unit #1 Fairfield $3500
Mobile Feeding Kitchen Unit #2 Bakersfield $3500
Mobile Feeding Kitchen Unit #3 Garden Grove $3500
Clean Up Unit #1 Garden Grove $1000
Clean Up Unit #2 San Diego $1000
Shower Unit Garden Grove $1000
Accommodations Trailer Fresno $750
Child Care Unit Garden Grove $1000

Would your church please consider adopting a California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief unit? Your help will make a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the midst of disaster.  If your congregation or association is interested in an “adoption,” please contact Mike Bivins in the Disaster Relief office.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful consideration of this critical need.

Mike Bivins
Volunteer Mobilization Specialist
559.229.9533 x. 246
E-mail Mike Bivins


Last Published: January 30, 2016 1:12 AM