Jesus left His followers with a mandate to “make disciples.” (Matt. 28:18-20) It is our responsibility, under the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit, to win the lost to Jesus and see that they become fully devoted followers of Christ.  Each church has a unique response in fulfilling this command, but each church also shares the call to discipleship.  Each member of the body of Christ needs to develop their lives in worship, Bible knowledge, ministry, fellowship and witness.  Each church can help their members with this development by implementing a discipleship strategy for the entire church.

California Southern Baptist Convention is committed to being a resource for training, consulting and networking church leaders to meet the demands of this discipling need.  We are ready to assist with strategy development, models, consultations and resources. Many of the ways CSBC can assist churches with training, materials and experiences are found in the resources and through specialists displayed on this page. 

Tom Belew
Small Groups & Childhood Specialist
559.229.9533, x.237
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  Roger Byrd
Music & Worship Specialist         
559.229.9533, x.257
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Daryl Watts
Student & Family Specialist
559.229.9533, x.261
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