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Events Calendar:
Cooperative Program
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Church Search
1-3 Father-Son Retreat
1-2 Healthy Church Multiplier Training
7 Final Steps: Wills and Trusts Webinar
7-8 CSBC Executive Board Meeting
8-9 District Camp Work Day
11-13 Southern California Pastors' Retreat
15-17 Ministers' Wives Retreat
16 Disaster Relief Training
18 Elevate Summit
21 Your Church and Small Groups Webinar
23-25 Hispanic Youth Camp
26-28 State Staff Planning Week


1-5 Summer Missions Orientation
4 Your Church and Reaching the Community Webinar
6 Youth on Mission Event
18 Your Church and Training Church Leaders
20-28 District Camps
22-27 Youth STRAM Camp
23-25 State Staff Planning Week
29 Elevate Summit
29-3 LifeWay Centri-Kid Summer Camp