Disaster Relief Training - Bakersfield

Individuals interested in working in the disaster area through Southern Baptist Disaster Relief must complete a DR training course. Those completing the course will receive Disaster Relief identification, which is required to enter a disaster area, and a yellow DR hat and shirt, a Southern Baptist Disaster Relief distinctive. These training events are for new volunteers and those who need to be recertified.

Classes will include orientation with Operational Stress First Aid (OSFA), which is required.
Valley Baptist Church event will feature training in:

DR Chaplaincy - non-threatening spiritual care and emotional support to disaster survivors as well as team members. This discipline also provides resources for effective coping, stress management and spiritual wellness.

Cleanup and Recovery - teams remove mud, ash and other debris following floods, fires or earthquakes.

Laundry Unit - provides knowledge needed to set up washers and dryers, do laundry and close down the unit. Laundry services may be provided for disaster survivors and/or DR team members.

Feeding - equips individuals to prepare food distributed in a disaster setting. All Mass Feeding team leaders must have a current ServSafe certificate required for a restaurant manager.

Shower Unit - provides knowledge to safely set up, operate, properly clean and close down the unit.

Kitchen maintenance - ensures a mechanic is able to set up, ascertain equipment is functioning and safe to operate and make repairs needed for equipment on a mobile kitchen unit.

Incident command system - training for a standardized on-site management tool utilized by all first responders. This tool is designed to enable effective, efficient management of the Incident by integrating the use of facilitates, equipment, personnel, procedures and communications operating with a common organizational structure.

Lodging is available at Valley Baptist Church "DR Style" (sleeping on the floor of the church). A continental breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning with a simple meal on Friday night will be provided for those who choose to stay.

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.