Mission Trip to Cambodia

This group left Sunday from LAX to do missions in Cambodia. They are keeping us up-to-date through www.cambodiamissionsblog.wordpress.com

Last year at the Ignition Student Conference, CSBC partnered with the International Mission Board to help provide clean drinking water to Southeast Asia. As a result, we raised more than $5,500 in one night for this effort.

In Southeast Asia, many do not have access to clean drinking water, making them susceptible to water borne illnesses. Students are unable to attend school because they are sick or they have to take care of siblings sick with water borne illnesses.

The result of the money given is that many schools will be able to drink clean water because of students going above and beyond!

Ten people (young adults, colleges students and one high school student) are leaving June 18 for Cambodia. They will see where the $5,500 was used, help build water filters and distribute them to schools.

They are also scheduled to teach VBS, play soccer with the kids and share the gospel.

Please pray for

  • travel
  • hearts ready and willing to receive
  • safety
  • protection against the enemy (for the team)
  • the missionary family
  • His presence to be made known in the community and with the team

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.