NexGen Leadership Network

CSBC Invites all our young leaders to join us before the convention for this conference. Whether you are launching, transitioning or inheriting ministry we all need to start well. NexGen is not only a great time to learn, it's your best chance to meet other new and younger ministry leaders in CSBC.

2018 Emphasis
In all our work for the Lord, we will face new challenges.

This year the Nexgen conference will have sessions addressing these three major leadership starting points.
  • Planters and teams starting a new work are right to be excited and overwhelmed at all that God is doing, and all that they didn't even know they would be facing. How can we start well to build a lasting ministry? Russ Chambers, Pastor of Resurrection Church in Bakersfield, will talk to us about starting well.
  • Pastors stepping into new leadership roles find out how much different ministry can be when we are now the person in charge. How can we lead well while facing new realities in churches we already knew?
  • Pastors stepping into existing churches face incredible opportunities that come with a church already established, and they also face a whole new minefield of challenges. How can we shepherd and lead well when we inherit a bucketful of issues? Mark Clifton, head of NAMB's Replant Team, will talk with us about leading well when starting a new role in existing churches in need of revitalization.
Coffee and meet and greet time will start at 10:30 in Room 209, the conference will kick off at 11.

Thanks to the sponsorship of our CSBC Church Revitalization Initiatives Team your lunch is provided and this event is offered for free to CSBC leaders.

For more Information, contact:

Grant Bennett (

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.