"The temperature of our churches is determined by the thermostats of our homes." This old saying is as true today as ever. When church families aren't healthy, the church isn’t healthy. When husbands and wives need help, they cannot be a great service to the Kingdom. If parents aren't passing their faith to their children, student and children's ministries simply cannot be as effective.

California Southern Baptist Convention is ready to help churches improve marriages and families throughout the state in four areas: outreach, intervention, enrichment and prevention. CSBC provides training and consulting for churches and leaders. A second area of help is enrichment events like the PK Retreat, marriage retreats, family getaways and the young adult retreat.

See additional information on this page about the resources available to churches and individuals or about CSBC personnel who can assist with family ministries.

Daryl Watts
Student & Family Specialist
559.229.9533, x.261
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