Marriage & Family Enrichment

The temperature of the church is often set by the thermostats of the homes.  IF churches truly want to be healthy, then their marriages and families must be healthy.  The Healthy Church Group is available to help churches develop programs and events that will strengthen families and pass that strength to the church.  These events could include marriage retreats, family weekends, parenting classes and seminars.  The goal is simply to assist families and marriages grow in their usefulness to the church and their service to God.

For more information contact:

Daryl Watts
Student & Family Specialist
559.229.9533 x. 261
E-mail Daryl Watts

Kathy Vana
Ministry Assistant
559.229.9533 x. 259
E-mail Kathy Vana


Last Published: February 24, 2015 12:21 AM