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Recorded Webinars
Fall 2015
6 Washington Update
5 My Favorite Webinar
4 Guidestone Update
3 Promoting the Budget
2 Writing the Budget
1 Preparing the Budget
Summer 2015
3 Your Church & California Mission Offering
2 Protecting Your Church Ministry
1 Your Church & Staff Preparation
Spring 2015
6 Training Church Leaders
5 Final Steps: Wills & Trusts
4 Making Small Groups Effective
3 Your Church & Staff Policies & Procedures
2 Reaching Young Adults
1 Sharing the Gospel in Today's World
Winter 2015
5 Run Your Race: How Pastors Can Get the Most from the Church-Association Relationship
4 ACA Insurance Update
3   Your Church and Mission Trips: After You Raise the Money
2 A Church for Every Person: Church Planting in 2015
1 Your Church and Staff Insurance: What You Need to Know
Fall 2014
6 Your Church and Insurance
5 End of the 2014 Tax Year
4 Your Church and the Department of Labor
3 Your Church and the State of California
2 Your Church and the IRS
1 Signs of  a Healthy Student Ministry
Summer 2014
Session Number
5 California Mission Offering
4 When the Church & Government Collide Webinar
3 10 Things to Know Before You Start Your 2015 Budget Webinar
2 Compensation Policies for Ministers and Paid Staff
1 Planting Churches in the 21st Century
Spring 2014
Session Number
4 Retirement Questions Everyone Should Ask - Part 4
3 Retirement Questions Everyone Should Ask - Part 3
2 Retirement Questions Everyone Should Ask - Part 2
1 Retirement Questions Everyone Should Ask - Part 1
Winter 2014
Session Number
5 Housing Allowance for Ministerial Staff
4 New Church Starts and the Government
3 I Have Deacons!
2 Missions Discipleship: Essentials for Your Church Webinar
1 Stewardship in Today's Church
Fall 2013
Session Number
5 Year End Tax Issues
4 Healthcare Reform 2014
3 Preparing to Teach Children
2 Government Documents for Every Church Webinar
1 Washington Update: Governmental Issues that Affect the Local Church
Summer 2013
Session Number
5 Ignite a New Fire in Your Youth Group
4 Communicating Stewardship from the Pulpit
3 Personal Financial Software
2 Insurance for Church Staff
1 Financial Software for Churches
Spring 2013
Session Number
6 Why You Must Have a Will
5 Basics of Investing
4 Human Resources Ministry
3 Developing Biblical Stewards in the New Church
2 The Urgency of Church Planting to Reach our World
1 Financial Issues for New Church Starts
Winter 2013
Session Number
4 Touch the World Through Missions
3 Health Care Reform 2013
2 Missions Discipleship: Responding to God's Call to Go!
1 Stewardship in Today's Church
Fall 2012
Session Number
5 The Role of Trustee
4 Insurance Every Church Needs
3 Bank for your Buck: Benefits of Being CSBC
2 What is fund accounting?
1 Now is the Time: California Mission Offering
Summer 2012
Session Number
7 Compensation for Ministers & Paid Staff
6 Budgeting that works!
5 Compensation Policies for Ministers & Paid Staff
4 Policies & Procedures Your Church Needs
3 Funding Short Term Mission Trips
2 Sales Tax Issues for California Churches
1 The New Old
Spring 2012
Session Number
4 Personal Budgeting Made Simple
3 Debt-free living with a modest income
2 Building a Kingdom Brand
1 Protecting Your Board Members
Winter 2012
Session Number
6 Discussing Evangelism with Your Students
5 What is Cooperative Program Webinar
4 How to Treat Your Pastor Right
3 Childhood Ministry Safety, Security & Legal Expectation Webinar
2 Legal Compliance Made Easy for Churches Webinar
1 Stewardship in Today's Church
Fall 2011
Session Number
5 Financial Fitness
4 Finding & Developing Donors in Your Church
3 Year-end IRS regulations
2 Planning your 2012 budget
1 Compensation Planning for Ministers and Paid Staff

For more information about stewardship, retirement and financial issues, contact Rod Wiltrout, California Southern Baptist Convention church finance specialist and GuideStone Financial Resources state representative, by phone at 559-229-9533, ext. 258 or by e-mail.

Last Published: November 17, 2015 12:47 AM