Women love to get together! Because of that, new ideas are needed all the time to keep these "gatherings" fresh and innovative. This section of The Cutting Edge includes a wide variety of themed events, complete with invitations, decoration, icebreaker, games, and devotion ideas. If you are looking for just a new idea for a favor or a devotion, you can utilize the categories search and view all the ideas in that category. Gatherings is provided to give you a springboard of ideas to make your women's events creative, energized, and successful!

This gathering of women is not only to enjoy food and fellowship, but to learn more about Jesus by focusing on the meals with Him that are recorded in the New Testament. Read More
This women’s event gives leaders of women’s ministries and mission groups an opportunity to help mothers learn how to teach and live God’s Word with their children. There are many resources that will help mothers (especially of young children) find the “teachable moments” on a daily basis. Read More
This is an opportunity to encourage women to help build stronger families. As women strive to balance the demands of their busy lives, they need practical, user-friendly ideas to create a stable, strong Christian foundation for life as a family. Read More
To heighten missions awareness and interest, plan a small group or family event in which you “visit” another country for an evening. Choose a country where you know missionaries serve. Read More
Someone has said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” In fact, it is a rare woman who does not love the sparkle, depth of color and “bling” gemstones can bring to a ring, necklace or bracelet. Consider having a women’s event based on gemstones! Read More
Involvement in missions helps women become better Christian witnesses and strengthens their daily walk with God. If planned creatively and enthusiastically, the women in your church will want to attend an event which affirms and challenges them to grow in godliness. Read More
Here’s an idea for a women’s luncheon event that focuses on relationships with spouses. Set a date for the event that will get the largest possible attendance by all the women of your church. Read More
Help women to understand that they are wondefully made by God the Creator. Read More
Gather the women in your church with a time to celebrate the faithfulness of God in all circumstances. Read More
This event will help the women in your church be transformed by hope. Read More
Treat the ladies in your church to a makeover as they learn more about missions. Read More
Gather the women in your church and have a time of crafting with a purpose. This event is designed to involve your women in ministry and mission through crafts. Read More
How about providing a spa for women who are in difficult circumstances? Read More
Following are six ideas that you can use throughout the year to encourage the women in your church to come together to learn about missions and engage in ministry. Adapt, customize, and run with them! Read More
Needles and Thread is a women's event with a quilting theme that reveals God's pattern for our lives. Needles and Thread features ideas for everything you need: decorations, invitations, icebreaker activity and a devotional. Read More
Around the World Prayer Teas– a women’s event This is a continuing event held four times during the year highlighting different areas of the world. Read More
The purpose of this event is to provide an evening of activity and fellowship for women. It is a blending of fun how-to activities, an outreach ministry project, and some spiritual growth issues. Read More
Planning a back to school missions event is as simple as the 3 Rs – Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Read More