Gatherings...Extra Extraordinary Ideas

Following are six ideas that you can use throughout the year to encourage the women in your church to come together to learn about missions and engage in ministry. Adapt, customize, and run with them! 

Idea #1
Invite women to your home for an informal time of fellowship and learning about current mission efforts and ministry opportunities.

Choose a day of the week and a time when most women can attend. (If this idea grows, you may want to have several small groups in different homes going on at the same time or on different days of the week. You could call them “Day Groups” or “The Monday Group” “The Tuesday Group,” etc.

The hostess can serve beverages and simple refreshment (Danish, cookies, etc.). Either the hostess or another presents condensed missions information (use Mission Mosaic Magazine for current information). Close the group time with prayer for missionaries having birthdays on that day (list can be found in Mission Mosaic).

Idea #2
During good weather, have a group meeting outside at a park, shopping mall, in the mountains, at the beach, etc. Everyone brings a sack lunch. While eating enlist someone to read the list of missionaries having birthdays that day and include a mission emphasis. Since you are eating out of paper sacks, use sacks as a theme. One sack could contain the missionaries’ names; another could hold the names of items to bring for a special project; a third could have facts of interest or customs about the mission field being featured.

Idea #3
For this group meeting, ask each woman to bring a craft, hobby or project she is working on. (does this sound like a quilting bee?). If the meeting time extends to the lunch hour, ask women to bring a small salad to share. Use Missionary Moments (available through Southern Baptist state convention offices) and pray for missionaries with birthdays that day.

Idea #4
Publicize this month’s gathering as a “Makeover Session.” Enlist someone gifted in colors, cosmetics, accessorizing, etc. to be your special guest. Demonstrating how to accessorize or use cosmetics and colors to their advantage is a perfect “lead-in” into a discussion about inner and outer beauty. A mission emphasis about personal involvement in missions is a natural outcome of a makeover session. If a home isn’t large enough for what you want to do with this idea, meet at the church.

Idea #5
Host a 12-month birthday party! Everyone brings a wrapped gift for someone else. Have a birthday cake and enough candles to represent the total number of years of everyone’s age. If desired, serve ice cream. As part of the party, plan games based on the missions information you want to feature. Give prizes and party favors.

Idea #6
Have a spring fling! Go to a restaurant of choice and place a small gift at each place. Invite a missionary on stateside assignment or a retired one to talk about women she met on the mission field and how they can become involved in a ministry to women perhaps.
Last Published: June 15, 2008 11:42 PM